appreciation for something old


When we recently visited our newly married friends Jim and Danielle we pulled up and entered through their garage.  I couldn’t help but notice this beautiful twin sized antique bed neatly being stored.  I complimented the bed because it surely deserved some notice.  I love all things old, the older the better in my world.  Danielle without hesitation said “would you like to have it?” “Wow, really?”  She loves this bed too and they have no room for it in their now shared residence so she told me she wanted to see the bed go to someone who really would appreciate it.  Jim had mentioned taking it for donation if they couldn’t find a good home for it.  I graciously accepted but under one condition, that it be a loan.  That we could use it for Abbie until they felt they may want it back someday.  It was a deal.  We even loaded it in Rich’s truck that night when we got ready to leave.  She gave us the mattress too which is very, very nice.  The best mattress Abbie has ever had! It’s now set up in Abbie’s bedroom and we plan to do a big remodel this summer.  Abbie really wants pink and black horizontal stripes on her walls.  The paint job sounds a little modern mixed with this gorgeous piece of history but we have always been more than eclectic around here.  I wanted to share with you pieces and parts of the charming bed that we recently inherited from our good friends Danielle and Jim.  We will take good care of it and appreciate its history and craftsmanship.  We promise to show you all the bedroom when we finish it too.  It should be interesting that’s for sure.









3 thoughts on “appreciation for something old

  1. What a wonderful addition to your home, even if only temporarily. I love mixing the old with the new. Hubby hates anything old, so the only way I can sneak anything in our house like that is if it is mixed with something more modern. Perhaps one day we’ll have a home where I can make one room where every piece of furniture, every picture on the wall, every nook and cranny tells a story. Absolutely beautiful. I hope the remodel goes well.

  2. I’ve been reading all the posts but woefully behind on comments. I love reading your words and seeing your shots. So happy about this bed for your girl. Her room looks so welcoming and calm. Happy summer to you from far too far away.

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