things lately

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What I’m reading?

This week I decided to read “Catcher in the Rye” again for maybe the 3rd time. Not really sure. I know I read it twice as a teen/young adult but then I think I read it again when my oldest read it in high school. So my friend Lisa wanted to read this book before she turns another year older and really we don’t have too much time so I offered to read along with her. Chapter by chapter. And I’m only in chapter five but as I’m reading along, I’m reminded why I love this book so much. I know it’s can be sort of controversial and all, and when I say that what I mean is, it seems people either really love it or despise it! I have not found too much in the middle about this book. I’m a lover. I loved this book so much that I remember wanting to read it aloud to motorcycle man when we first got married. I think it lasted a chapter and we decided it wasn’t a good idea. I personally don’t like how Holden uses the GD word so much so reading that aloud wouldn’t come easy for me. I know call me up tight but I just wasn’t raised thinking those two words ever went together. However that being said my grandpa used to say that little phrase from time to time so it also reminds me of him so in some ways I get it.

I also know some of you think Holden is a big whiner but I just think he really says what maybe lots of us are thinking, and in all actuality he is thinking it too not really saying it aloud so much. We just get the privilege to hear what’s inside his head. So that’s it about what I’m reading lately.

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What I’m I teaching?

A few weeks ago another friend was asking about a photography class for her daughter, who happens to be a good friend to my littlest and only girl. So naturally I offered to teach her a few things in regards to photography. I’m not a technical photographer so mostly I teach them creative things they can do with the camera. We have been meeting once a week so far. The first week we just ventured in a park, I also told them to keep their eyes open for hearts. The second week I had just learned myself double/triple/etc. exposure on my digital so I taught the girls how to do that too, I made them take notes that week and this third week I told them how filling the frame can make a huge difference to lots of images. So teaching these girls has been fun. I’m hoping they like it as much as I do.

IMG_6508the three awesome students did this triple exposure

IMG_6303 2


Don’t they look like the best most fun students ever?IMG_6023

 What is going on with these animals?

They have fleas like you wouldn’t believe! We are and have been treating them with the flea stuff (frontline) But still they itch like little mad men. We went to Pet Smart to see what on earth we could do different. They said to treat our yard and also our home. This week Rich spayed the front and back yard, I flea bombed the house but on top of that we got flea powder and dusted under the sofa cushions and dusted the two rugs we have in the house. I will also take a tiny flea comb and sit with Pablo for nearly an hour, combing fleas out of his hair. Max’s hair is far too long and shaggy to do this with and the cats don’t seem as itchy as the dogs. Long story short. I feel for the dogs. I want them to just relax and not be scratching every few seconds. On a positive note, the flea bomb and spaying the yards seems to have eliminated the ant problem we were also having.


Happy things lately!

I sold two pictures on crated and my heart immediately knew these prints were sold to people I love.  It just works out that the people I love show me some really great support and I feel very blessed.  So I’m happy to know my little sponge holder fern print will hang in Aunt Tina’s place somewhere and my Hope rose will hang in cousin Jodi’s place.  Just feels so good to know family supports my love of photography.  Truth be told, I would give them a print if they asked, I feel bad they are paying for these things but at the same time I feel very touched by the gesture.  It sure was fun to have my feature interview week with the hours, where I got to explain the a little about my noon pick and add some extra pictures to share.  I got a phone call from a friend last night who visited my FB page and felt compelled to actually call me and tell me just how great my pictures are and how I should quit my day job.  Nearly made me cry but I’m sort of emotional this week if you know what I mean.  And as you can see the happy things that happened all have to do with what I love to do, that should say something.  Maybe one day I will listen.


5 thoughts on “things lately

  1. I’ve never actually read Catcher in the Rye. My junior year of high school, when all of the classics were studied, I was invited to participate in an alternate/advanced class – Science Fiction/Fantasy. So while everyone else was reading Salinger, I was reading Tolkien!

    I love how you are sharing your love of photography! And love even more that you’ve sold some prints! I think it’s just pure greatness!

    And, for the record, I can’t say those two words together, ever, at all. It’s just not happening!

    xoxo – Kate

  2. What a great week you had! I’ve never heard of this book I might have to look into it. It’s so great that children so young want to learn how to work an actual camera 🙂

  3. The Catcher in the Rye has always been in my Top 10 favorite books. I think I must’ve read it four or five times when I was growing up, right along with The Great Gatsby and The Sound and the Fury. Sounds like you’ve had a pretty good week, Tracie!

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