releasing – believing – repeat


Innocence of a child

whose been raised in love,

enormous, enormous love

They bleed sunshine and wonder

You ask them to express themselves in art

They draw rainbows



happy faces

and pure hearts


They trust

They fear not

They are open

as life increases

hour to hour


year after year

That tiny innocent child changes


They have been let down

They have had their heart


They felt sorrow

They have been betrayed

and some in the most

dreadful ways

And no more are they

drawing sunshine, happy faces and pure hearts

They tell a different story


we pray

they will

  be  stronger

  be lighter

in enormous faith

they love harder

because their journey

has taught them how to


to empathize


while the days pass

hoping, believing


to what is bigger than us

hoping, believing



4 thoughts on “releasing – believing – repeat

  1. Wow very powerful! You are a gifted writer, writing words of truth that cut deep….words that matter, thank you always for your sharing from nothing much to so much, thank you for your bravery to be open & share all you do, i admire you so, my hero… friend ❤

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