pink and black horizontal stripes….how to? I’ll tell you. Tween bedroom makeover.


The plan, every good project has to have a little bit of a plan.  Lisa is good at that part.  I joked that even though I’m in accounting the math was killing me.  It helped when she told me to convert the feet into inches and divide by the number of stripes I had in mind (8),  this would give me the perfect width of stripe for the wall.   I was like “Oh yeah that makes much more sense to work in inches” We decided 12 inches wide  would be a good way to go.  It gave us some uneven number so we rounded it to an even 12″


This shot the black paint is still wet, and I had not cut in the ceiling yet. It was golden hour so it looks a bit warm.

You see when the school year was coming to an end, littlest and only girl wanted a bedroom make over. So naturally we started browsing Pinterest and I’m not sure exactly what I was thinking when I showed littlest and only girl my girlfriends bathroom which I had fallen in love with but you see my girlfriend had painted her bathroom with big thick horizontal stripes in black and white. So I show my girl and she is sold! Just like that she says “I want stripes!”

IMG_3288a corner of my girlfriends bathroom and art work by her son.  I mean talk about inspiration. She had no help whatsoever too.  All on her own.

Just for fun we went to the paint store and she picked out colors. One set was in hot pink and black (the girl has never strayed from the color pink) she loves it so much her one set of grandparents call her Pink! And I never was going to dress my girl in pink, who was I kidding?? The other colors were…oh, well doesn’t really matter because she picked pink and black. So summer was trucking along and she would bring it up from time to time and I was like, “well, um, well I think I’m busy this week.” Secretly dreading the whole stripe thing. I even thought I could surprise her when she was at summer camp for a week. Well, that didn’t happen. Then I told her before we could even think about painting we would have to clean out her room and give outgrown clothes to charity and let go of some stuffed animals. So that happened and that same day, she says “let’s go buy the pink paint mom” So I reluctantly did that and we painted the entire room pink. (Check) phase one finished.

IMG_6879 This is before and yes, after she got rid of a few stuffed animals.

IMG_6882She was so dying to use the drill

IMG_6884She helped get that pink on the wall.

IMG_6893Ta-Da step one complete (minus ceiling cut in you can’t see)

IMG_6895This part cracks me up.  Aunt Mandy got her this huge scarf she keeps it hanging from her door, using it for a completely different purpose.  my kind of girl!

Then a few days later she says, “when are you going to call Lisa so she can help you get started with the lines and we really should go buy that black paint” So I called Lisa and she, bless her heart was ready to help that same week! So I bought the black paint and the fancy frog tape.

I started to doubt myself at some points too, and my favorite phrase learned from my good friend Lisa was “trust the level” and she got me started on the first solid line and then I released her, I mean she had after all been tortured by her own bathroom project. I spent, no kidding at least over 3 hours after she left, making lines, then taping the lines and saying out loud “trust the level” over and over.



IMG_6931trust the level, trust the level

IMG_6932and as you can see, like most paint it really does depend on the time of day, the color changes with the hours.

By the next day I was ready to take my (old driver’s license) and smooth down the tape real hard like, then paint the edges of the tape in the original base color pink so the black wouldn’t bleed through. I was so temped to just do one line then rip the tape off to see my results but instead I went against my normal instinct and methodically did one stinkin step at a time. I hate cutting in….just so you know. It’s the most boring and time-consuming part of painting. Plus I don’t tape things off because that step is horrible. I just use the steadiest hand I have and go for it (which happens to be my right.) When it was all said in done, I had motorcycle man paint the first coat of black on two of the lines, I had Abbie help with the base wall paint and Lisa help with the most crucial part, starting the straight first solid line. In the end I’m extremely pleased with the results and there was little bleeding so little it took not much time at all to hit the little bleed spots with a small artist brush and the stripes were complete.

IMG_6939totally doesn’t matter that rip in the tape cause on this line, the top was our focus. real hard nice and flat, I worked on the tape all the way around, top/bottom pressing hard.

IMG_6938The went around entire room, top/bottom painting base pink to seal the tape so if any serious bleeding happened it would be the same color as the base.

IMG_6940Cut in corners, baseboard and around outlets (yuck)

IMG_6941motorcycle man helped with the high stripes

IMG_6946before the big reveal.  I was like, please, please be okay.  please look level, please don’t bleed very much!

IMG_6984This is her idea of making a bed?  Motorcycle man has to change out plugs to black for me.  I’m scared of electricity.

IMG_6985And the window I’m considering to put shutters, if we find some extra cash. Shelves planned for above desk. And she is in search of a pink chair for her desk.

One of these days when the room is really complete I might post another picture. Because we have plans of closet doors and possibly shutters on her one window, I need to hit all the white trim again and most likely repaint her floor again (totally dreading that part) Plus we picked up a $35 black simple desk at Target and will hang some shelves above her new desk soon. She has the tiniest room in the entire house and the most stuff. How does that happen?


P.S. after I finished her room…..I painted my bathroom black. Yes I did. With her left over black paint. Next post will be about that.

12 thoughts on “pink and black horizontal stripes….how to? I’ll tell you. Tween bedroom makeover.

  1. Absolutely brilliant. She must be the happiest girl in the world and you are clever. I don’t think I would ever be confident enough to attempt this. You should send this into one of the home magazines. Really you should.

  2. This post made me so, so happy. Beautiful stripes for your girl. Painted with love. I wish I could sit there and look at them with you. And I’m super excited to see the bathroom too! Love to you on this day.

  3. Wow! It turned out beautiful!! What a great room for her to have for the next several years! And what a wonderful mom you are to let that happen! I don’t think I’d ever do black because it’s takes so many layers to recover – but that’s for Future Tracie to worry about – I won’t even mention it now! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the bathroom!

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