details in the black bathroom




Yes! Paint it black!  Everything looks better when it’s painted black!  Well I seem to think so.

IMG_6957It’s really hard to take a picture of a tiny space

IMG_6958But I will try my best to show you what it looks like.  Motorcycle man also has to change out these outlets and switches to black;)

IMG_6960Here, maybe if I flip my camera vertical, it will be better.

IMG_6961The new shelves from Target. $20.00 each.

IMG_6962Part of my inspiration for the space, 8×10 and framed it.  Going to print again because it’s too warm. Not happy with developing

IMG_6964Of course I love elements of out doors in my rooms, rocks I collected and a beautiful shell from my sister-n-law

IMG_6966I picked these up from the dollar section a long time ago during Valentine season at Target.  I love them.  Still.

IMG_6967Motorcycle man prefers nothing on the tank but I’m reading this gifted book now and it’s really GOOD. See the crack in the lid?  My brother glued it together one night when he was watching the kids years ago.  I love that guy.


I bought this at our Farmers Market a few years back, the words are big for me.  I gave the same thing to Miss Sun Daizy, she keeps them in her bathroom too

IMG_6969This sticker has been up for quite some time now.  It’s staying up as part of the “remodel” In fact I’m out of the hundreds I ordered.  I’m going to order more.

IMG_6970My floors have cracks, the grout is dirty.  It’s lived in.  That’s all.  I’m okay with it.

IMG_6979Still diggin on the Buffalo shower curtain.  That’s what I personally love about shower curtains the ability to switch them out and have new scenery.  glass is not easy for me to keep clean and nice.

IMG_6981See my heart I left on the wall near the tub:)  The ceiling remains Chartreuse too.  I kind of like that color still.

16 thoughts on “details in the black bathroom

    1. Joyce! I feel as if it’s been so long. I hope it just means you are fully enjoying your summer. I like the way you explain my room, I learned a new word today, lets just say. Glad my personal touches can bring it all together;)

  1. I love everything about this. I would do this in an instant, but the hubby is against painting anything black. It’s a weird spraypainter thing. But I love love love. Love the shelves with all those personal pieces. You, young lady, are on a roll with this painting thing. 🙂

  2. Not a big fan of black paint, but your bathroom looks absolutely lovely! You did it really well 🙂 It looks very posh and glamorous too 😉 Love it.

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