Summer of Twenty Twelve

Do you remember the summer of 2012?  It seemed liked just yesterday.

Remember its the summer I insisted on taking Polaroids of every visitor we had to our home and then strung them up over our kitchen counter?


and we sat and had our morning coffee under our newly built patio cover.

IMG_0589And we found a rain storm in the middle of August when we drove through Angeles Forest.


We shared a bottle of wine before we watched Regina Spektor and I got to cross seeing her live in concert off my dream list.


We rented a small cabin up the Northern Coast with all five of us and Austin gave up vegieterism for a Tito’s empanada.


And we had the BIG pool and there were always kids having fun in it….us too!


We took lots of trips to Seal beach so the boys could surf and I could feel the oceans healing waters as my body floated with the waves and we hung out with family there.


We sat a top a city roof top to see a Pink Floyd laser show!


and a far away photo friend came to visit and even stay the night with us.


and the garden was litterally bursting at the seams

IMG_8601And kids sat on the porch and ate popsicles


And I went on my very first all girls glamping trip


I’m remembering the summer of 2012 because my brother asked me to look for some pictures from the fall of 2012 when we went on a motorcycle ride with one of his friends.  That friend is not doing very well, in fact he has been released to hospice and only has days to live.  In finding a picture for my brother I was reminded again how precious this life of ours is.  We didn’t expect his friend would be dying only almost two years later. And although it seems I’m relishing in the past I also have been creating new summer memories this year.  My garden isn’t as nice, we have a smaller pool but we are still a family of five who loves each other and is still making more memories, they are just different that’s all and I will probably in another two years from now be writing and showing off pictures from the summer of 2014!  All I know is things change and children grow…REALLY FAST and people pass away, and family members get sick, shops close up and so as we live in the NOW it’s so important to document it in pictures.  Pictures bring back memories, just like songs do.  Never stop.  Even if you think your  pictures are not really great.  Some of my favorite pictures are blurry or technically not all that.  For me it’s always, always been about capturing the moment and not all moments are perfectly composed.  So keep shooting, never stop.

7 thoughts on “Summer of Twenty Twelve

  1. I haven’t been picking up my camera all that much lately and only in the last few days I’ve been feeling kind of the same. Like I really need to just be photographing the normal everyday stuff. Stop worrying about taking ‘that’ great photo or photos of specific things and just take the photo. These memories, these everyday moments are really important. Great post chickadee, and I’m glad I’ve known you long enough now that I remember all of these great moments of your 2012. Beautiful memories. Sorry to hear about your friend that is not doing well. xo

  2. Here in a cottage on holiday, Tracie. This is one of my favourite posts of all time. Yes, more pictures, all the time, of the people we love. oxoxoxoxo Pam

  3. It’s always so, so important to get those pix, even if your kids are squirming and don’t want to cooperate (I’m thinking of my son in particular). Just yesterday I moved my girl back to campus for her junior year of college, and I made sure I had my camera with me to document every special thing that happened. And like you said, they may not be technically great, but when I look back on them, they will bring back every sparkle and giggle that we shared that morning. And that’s what is important. Hope you have a happy day!

  4. Love this. Life marches on. Sometimes it is bittersweet, but that is exactly why we should document it. Remember the sweet, in pictures.
    Sorry about your friend.

  5. Really great post, as always. My camera bag sits – open – right next to the entry leading to my kitchen. I leave it open so I can grab the camera in a split second, which is about all the time my kids will wait for me to grab it, in order to “get the shot.” HOWEVER, as accessible as it is, and though I look down at it everytime I walk past, it will still sit there for days on end without ever being touched. I get a little pang of guilt, or maybe sadness, that I don’t grab it more and exercise the both of us. This is a good reminder. I’ll pick it up today and take a picture of … whatever needs a picture today 🙂

  6. such great words to remember and i love all those photos. i want to have wine with you on your patio. you always make me see things a bit more clearly… thanks.

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