treasures in my day

Today is another simple share.  Images of yesterday.  Just a few that I want to share.  Things I’m thankful for questions I have.


I sat and read a really great magazine yesterday in the early evening.  I love California’s golden sun.  I know other states share this same sun, but somehow when it sets in the West and it radiates it’s golden warm light, it seems so special from here.  Just like I often wonder does the morning sunrise seem even more special to the ones who live in the East?  I’m still watching Mad Men and I’m in the last and final season.  I noticed when they have scenes in California the light seems so warm and golden too.  Plus take a look at these legs!!!  They are looking pretty good right?  More on that later because they still itch and I still have little random attacks but nearly five years of picking will be a very difficult habit to break.  This year I feel closer to healing than prior years before and I will tell you it has nothing to do with diet.  This is all I will say until I feel like sharing more on this.



Are these really early signs of fall?  Because I don’t remember fall in California happening in August?  So I’m left wondering.  Is this early fall or is it our cut back on watering that is making them brown and dry?  Our backyard lawn is crunchy to walk on but around the three basis of these trees is a round patch of green grass so motorcycle man is doing his best to keep them alive but why are they like this so soon? Please someone tell me it’s normal.


I found my shadow in the garden yesterday too!! PEACE AND LOVE!!  Do you see the heart?  I was so excited when I saw my shadow held a heart.


This plant or tree or bush? Well I’m not sure what it is exactly.  I will tell you the birds planted it.  It’s what I like to say when things spring up in my garden that I didn’t plant.  this is one of those things.  I let it bloom where it was planted so to speak and as the saying goes.  Now I’m wondering if it may be a tree?  The twigs coming from the ground are very woodsy.  I thought it was a berry at first but  I have not seen any signs of berries yet?  Does anyone out there know what this could be?

IMG_7842 2

Be still my heart!  Isn’t this gorgeous.  I sat in this light and read and I could feel it on my skin and it was around 6:00 or so and it felt so nice with the occasional breeze.  I’m practicing shooting on manual.  I make so many mistakes but I’m practicing.

IMG_7857And this is where you may find me a little strange.  It’s my jar of dead things found.  The bottom layer is sea glass and somehow the Japanese Beetles began to be tossed in this jar because they are so very pretty so when I would find them dead on the ground I began to collect them.  My sister came one summer and made a song about “Dead Beetles in a Jar”  I can hear her singing it now!  Then I was watching a mama humming-bird build and tend to her nest and it was so exciting until the day I found her dead just beneath it:(  So we picked up her body and it was Dylan I think who added her to the jar.  I see a yellow and black bee in there, I have no idea how that got there, And that round brown bit is the humming-bird nest.  Then we have the lizards tail that Garfunkel gifted us and a tiny, very tiny lizard body also lay in this mix.  I promise I’m not a weirdo I just find them so beautiful and it also reminds me of the fleeting. The every so fleeting life we live.

IMG_7866And this here is one of those not so technicality perfect shots and again I had it on manual so it was hard to capture it perfectly right as it was happening live and fast in front of me, see second born there is a little blurry, I’m thinking his new name may be music boy since he practices playing his new guitar every single day or should we go with Moon Rebel since he broke into the moon gang.  And again he is a lefty who plays like a righty and as far as I know it’s the ONLY thing he does with his right hand.   His brother there to the left asked the question “How did Dylan get so good at playing the guitar all of a sudden?”  Well, he practices each day. The older boy seems to have a natural fit for the drums.    Here Dylan was showing Austin a new tune he learned.  Austin wanted to know how so they sat together for a while.  It’s rare these days to see that oldest boy here in our house while we are still awake.  He leaves early and comes home late. All pretty normal I suppose for a 19 year old.


7 thoughts on “treasures in my day

  1. Love the treasures! And stop critiquing your own picture taking, it’s beautiful! Take a breath and accept it! And so glad we got a shot of the legs, I’ve been dying for an update! I’m so proud of you for sharing! Can’t wait to hear more 🙂

  2. Agree with Kate. Your picture are always amazing. I play with manual mode, then find myself shifting back to AV. It’s my comfortable place. But I would like to better with the big ‘M’. 🙂 Your legs… amazing and I want to hear more. Your heart in your shade…. Eeeeek – love. Your dead thing…. hmmm. 😉 Your boys… wonderful. Austin looks like Abbie. xo

  3. i’ve always been so jealous of the light out west. when we were in south dakota this summer, i noticed the same kind of light at sunset, a very comforting and glowy light. and bravo for tying out manual! it’s all i shoot, and it’s just so freeing! have fun!

  4. Your legs are looking good! And yes, I did notice that Mad Men scenes in California are just so warm. These last episodes were so good. I think the rest come on in January? I’m going to miss that show so much.

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