apples, pencils and notebooks – schedules and new beginnings

“I wish I was a kid going back to school. I want the new clothes, the sweaters, the lunch box, the crayons, the Camp Fire notebooks, all of it. I loved school. Even the tests. I loved the smell of chalk and the autumn light, but then I did not realize it was the light I was loving. I was too young to realize that. Now I realize it.” PAM Donahue – a FISH girl


This quote got me thinking.  We are on our last week before school begins.  There is something nice about routine.  I’m a real lover of summer break and having no set routine however when September arrives I’m excited for school to begin for the kids because I’m just a fan of change in general.  We still need new pencils, notebooks and clothes.   I do this every single year (wait till the last minute)  I’m not the mom who has their school clothes and supplies weeks before or even months.  It will still be hot here in California and I will not be able to find a pair of shorts for the kids to wear to school because “fall” clothes are out even in Southern California shops. One would think at least in this region they might be smart enough to know we still need shorts and cooler clothing and longer shorts for the girls please!  Finding appropriate shorts for my girl is not an easy task.


I know many of my friends and family have already been in school and back to the routine a few weeks now.  I’m glad somehow I ended up in a district that starts school right after Labor Day, it’s been such a nice way to sum up summer of course this also means we don’t get out as early for summer but it’s a good trade off.

To-do lists.  I have written plenty this week just trying to settle myself down, and it’s only Tuesday (cracking up)  I’m easily overwhelmed as I think of upcoming dentist appointments, books to buy,  books vs kindle, school clothes, high school registration, paperwork to complete,  fitting in a family vacation before school starts, mail I have been wanting to package up, write and send, hair appointments for the sake of Pete, I think it’s been at least half a year since I have given my mane any attention, before school hair cuts for the kids too. Oh and the hair, the animal hair, must vacuum today, I just have to or I may go insane. Still thinking of new paint in the dining room.  I’m in the search for reclaimed wood still.  I wish there was a barn being torn down in my city…lol that’s a funny thought.  I just better settle down already.  Chances are all this will not all get done and I will just have to be okay with that.  My sister, niece and nephew fly in today from France.  I can’t wait to see their faces!  Heading to pick them up later, maybe I’ll find some reclaimed wood on the way;)

In the comment section if you wish to share your back to school secrets, how you relax in the midst of it all, you know those sorts of things.  I would gladly love to read your ideas and take in some wisdom.  Especially when it comes to packing healthy lunches.

May you find a pocket of peace in your day







4 thoughts on “apples, pencils and notebooks – schedules and new beginnings

  1. I deal with back-to-school-stress with lists. Lots and lots of lists. On my desk calendar, wall calendar, in my Idea Notebook I keep by my computer, my big white board and my little one I keep on the fridge. And they all basically say the same thing. Go figure. I also run and after dinner, I like to sit out back with my camera and (try) and shoot the hummingbirds as they frantically store up juice for their long flight south. Hang in there, and remember to breathe! : )

  2. Oh I have no back to school stress now… yay! But there are moments I miss it. I took Cannon out to buy school supplies and had so much fun; nothing like fresh pencils and crayons and a glue stixs to get me excited. Take a deep breath and enjoy the new season, this next step in you kids lives and 3 out of 5 healthy lunches it a good goal! xooxo

  3. Mr. T got a class that he didn’t want, so I bugged his counselor for about 3 days – she wanted to wait and change the class the first day of school and I let her know that I preferred to have the class changed BEFORE the first day, so that T didn’t have to miss any class time getting his schedule fixed – and so that I could relax that all was well! 😉 Good or Bad, since he started high school, there is no back-to-school rush, we don’t know school supplies until after he has attended class, and we bought his clothes a month ago.
    Huh, it’s been pretty easy this year – I hadn’t realized by how much – thanks for helping me see a blessing today!

    Glad your sister and her kids are back!

  4. I always love the changes of the season. And, yes, the start of school used to be the defining moment of the beginning of autumn. But not so any more since my kids are all out of school by now. I still look forward to autumn, though. Good luck with getting through the long list of things to do!

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