today is a choice

What will you do with your choice?  It’s a new day.  Each and every single day is a gift and a choice.  Even when I have that feeling of failure.  It’s okay because today is a new day and I get one tomorrow and the next day and the next until my number is called. So what will I do with my choice?  My day? Will I cave to failure, throw my hands up and say who cares?  Or will I decide to make good choices for my day, smile at strangers, move my body, pick good things to feed my soul and body?  It’s up to me.  I know if I keep my eyes open I will find hearts and feathers and see signs of wonder.



6 thoughts on “today is a choice

  1. So many good choices we can make, so why is it we as you say ‘cave’ to the bad ones. I’m with Dean B above. Feeling a bit down and it was good to read such a lovely positive post from you. I’m searching for feathers and love for sure. Screw the bad stuff. xo

  2. I was just thinking and saying much the same thing earlier today when I was on the verge of falling back into my comfie bed after dropping off the little at school. I didn’t – I walked and it completely turned my day around 180 degrees. Small choices, turtle steps and lots and lots of self love and even forgiveness. Big love and gentle hugs, Shannon

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