I’m thankful because my eyes see

Yesterday for example. I set my timer for 15 minutes to get some steps in before I grabbed Abbie from school. I was walking around the elementary school and I saw a boy with his mom. Not just an everyday kind of boy but an extraordinary not often seen kind of boy with Down Syndrome. He spotted a tiny little yellow dandelion flower and he slowly and ever so carefully plucked it from the grass and with the biggest most proud radiant smile one ever did see, he presented it to his mama. And she gracefully bowed and curtsied and they got into their car and drove away. What did that do for me? It made me smile, it made me happy to witness such love.

In the very last-minute of my walk I crossed the street and walked on the house side of the street and a feather happened to catch my eye laying on someone’s grass. I smiled because I wasn’t even looking and there it was out of the corner of my eye. Yes, I picked it up. And of course I took its picture.

feather dip

My mailbox had a package. It had a small note that simply read, and this is because I was thinking of you. Inside the three prettiest bracelets I had seen. Full of color and care. I will wear them until they fall to pieces because it’s just how I operate. Then I will remember how good I felt receiving them and being thought of and all and I will pay it forward on another day. Because another wise friend once told me “it will arrive when you least expect it and most need it” It does seem to work out that way, it really does.


rainbow fullWe traveled to Sprouts to stock up on some good food and when we walked outside the store it was gray but golden light made its way to the tops of the trees and the wet asphalt smelt so good and what do you know! A big, big double rainbow was in the sky! And those days are best, when there is rain and sun all at once and God’s promise is painted across the sky.rainbowThese are just a few of the things my eyes saw yesterday. What did you see? What will you see today?


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