LISTS…blah blah blah…..and so on and so forth

I think as people, parents, employees, helpers and livers of life we get busy. Really, really busy. I’m not a list maker. I’m more like a fly by night type of girl. I will go as far as to say I sort of hate lists. However last week part of my challenge was to make daily lists. Guess what? I liked it more than I thought I would. It sort of worked. Yes, I’m admitting defeat. Lists work. And just before that list challenge a friend of mine gave me some good advice, even write down the YOU time on that list. So my list might look something like this:


30 minute walk

45 second plank

(5) 30 second sprints

Read with Abbie 30 minutes

Make the bed

Do the dishes

Buy Chicken

Sign paperwork for kids

Pay the dental bill

Mail a letter

Vacuum all the dog hair

Read a chapter of my new book

Look for God’s love today, don’t miss it


Something along those lines is what my list is like, only written really sloppy in a little tiny spiral notebook that fits in my purse.   And yes, I love crossing the stuff off. I even started writing mini lists when I go to the store. I just sort of hit the important things. It’s not all I do of course during my day but it’s the things I don’t want to forget. If I happen to not complete one of the things on the list, I move it to the next day’s list. It’s been working better than I thought. And of course you natural list makers out there are saying “of course it works silly!”


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8 thoughts on “LISTS…blah blah blah…..and so on and so forth

  1. I couldn’t live without my lists! I love how you included things you don’t want to forget. My first two daily things are the same as yours, just in reverse order. My meditation comes after my walk. 🙂

  2. This just makes me happy! I loved reading your list! I am a list maker. Thank you for your kind comment on yesterday’s blog. It was a tough one and I felt your support!

  3. As you already know, I love lists! ha ha…..I am also a spontaneous person, but when I started homeschooling, it wasn’t working so well, and that stressed me out. I also like writing in the form of a list, if that is such a thing. Paragraphs are overrated! {wink} Now a days it helps me to keep all that stuff floating around in my head from falling off into the abyss forever. All is not lost though, I still hate making grocery lists, I mean, how do I know what I want to eat next Tuesday.

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