the truth about feathers

“but. leap i will… day after day, hoping to land in the arms of beauty more often than not.” my friend Angela Hendrix-Petry

How many of you have read “This I Know” by Susannah Conway ? If you have not had a chance to read it, I recommend it. I read it a few years ago now but when I did read it, I remember laying on the grass in my backyard reading her heartfelt words. She had experienced tremendous loss and she began to find feathers. I have another friend who experienced tragic loss of a friend who also began to find feathers after his death. And honestly it was this friend Angela who made me far more aware of feathers than even the book I had read. But you know when you discover something new, your eyes are opened. Then all of a sudden where there were none, there were  many. It’s like hearts. I literally find them everywhere. I can cut open a piece of filet mignon and there will be a heart! I’m not even kidding.

heartsee, yesterday sweeping, a little heart leaf landed in the muck.

So back to the feathers. I began to find feathers after my eyes were opened wide. The point is, they have always been there, it’s just I had never noticed them. I was so busy rushing through life that I just didn’t look down or around. I mean I have always been an observer of life since I’m a quite person. I went back and read journals when my oldest was born 19 years ago and I was writing about my days sitting at the park on my lunch hour explaining to him in my journal what I was seeing and what I was imagining and things like that. But there was a point in my life where I was so busy raising my kids and taking care of the house and bills, working and just going through the process without really appreciating it. So now because of great friends and good books and my constant learning each and every day, I slow down. I look around and it’s amazing how much love is everywhere I look. I have not had a tragedy hit me in regards to my feather finding. I take them as gifts from God, just like the hearts are his calling cards. It’s a physical reminder to me that he is always with me even when I think I’m alone. This is how I relate to hearts and feathers. You may relate them in an entirely different way but if you are seeing them, stopping and noticing then that’s what counts.

feathersthe bouquet of feathers found on yesterdays walk.

This is the bouquet of feathers I found yesterday when I walked for 30 minutes in the park. I even found the piece of string that I tied them up with. I have walked this park for years, lots of times and I had never noticed or picked up a feather. And when I went with the intent to find at least one, I found many. The park does have a pond that is home to many ducks! But you see I had walked around that pond so many times I can’t count and never have I noticed the feathers scattered across the grass. It’s like I looked straight past them. Now it’s all I can see.

11 thoughts on “the truth about feathers

  1. So, the similarities continue. Perhaps this is how we somehow navigated to find one another. I am looking at “this i know” as it sits on my bookshelf in a prominent location. Susannah’s words always inspire me as well as her images. Deep down I aspire to have her talent and creativity. She’s truly an inspiration.

    I loved this post. It resonates with me very much and how a small shift in our own awareness brings forth things that were always there, but we simply never took the time to notice. Sadly, I feel that I’ve wasted so much of my life wandering around lost and completely ignoring the astounding greatness that met me at every corner. I’m still probably missing so much, but at least I catch some miracles here and there. 🙂

    Oh, and the hearts — look at the negative space in the dust/hair on the right. You got 2-fer-one there, darling! ❤ ❤

  2. Great post! Good reminder that there is more than what we “see” and in so many different situations! Once you become open, then you expect it and so it will appear! Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened! 🙂

  3. Lovely post…I love that you have opened my eyes to hearts and now feathers too! I so feel we are connected in a cosmic way…even though we are a continent apart. Thank you for this, my friend 🙂 ❤

      1. My pleasure. You are someone to share with. 😃👏 Most people around here look at me strangely and think I’m odd. I’m OK with that. We all march to our own music 🎶. I plan on taking your scavenger hunt list with me on holiday…we leave for Florida soon…feather, sea glass and all kinds of goodies await 🐬🌴🌞. I will be sharing 😉

  4. So love the quote at the beginning …& i thank you much for you sharing your heart finding, they are everywhere & bring such positive & much needed reinforcment of His love.

    1. Hello Misty Dawn. Firstly, I’m going to visit your blog page, secondly I’m going to look into Goodreads and perhaps join because currently I am not a part of Goodreads but I have been told about this site a few different times. I think it’s time to see what it’s about:) Thank you for your comment.

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