grandma or otherwise known as GG-ma

Today grandma emailed me this picture and she wrote “Were we ever this young?!!!”

grandparentsMy reply “Oh how I love this.  Do you know you are as beautiful now as you were then?  I have the most gorgeous grandma in the world.  I love this photo.”


I’m so blessed to have her as my grandma, that she is my kids great grandma.  I was fortunate enough to spend just over a week with her and my mom in Arkansas this summer with my littlest and only girl.  It was 4 generations of women.  I really want to make a slide show of your time there.  The other day grandma said “please make it before I die!”  She knows I have a procrastination gene;)  My favorite memory in Arkansas this summer was one night we all went out to the pool.  My mom and grandma had not worn a bathing suit in years.  They said as long as it was after dark they were in.  Did you know grandma looked the very best.  She looked like a movie star.  That’s what I think.  My mom went in the pool with littlest and only girl.  Both grandmas don’t technically know how to swim so being near or in the water is a big deal you know.  They keep in the shallow end and everything is safe and sound.  Great grandma hung out on the steps and me…well I had girl issues so I had a sweater on actually and just leaned in for the group shot when I set my timer.  But anyway it was my best memory.  Not to mention all the laughing so hard we had tears moments. Oh and grandma’s delicious homemade bread pudding!   We call her GG-ma.


4 thoughts on “grandma or otherwise known as GG-ma

  1. So lovely. I was blessed enough to go to a family reunion this summer and spend time with my maternal grandma. We also had four generations and aunts and cousins. Nothing I cherish more than family. X

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