Do you really need that?

Motorcycle man may say something like “We should really get rid of this shopping cart, I mean you haven’t even used it in over year” Do you know what my response would be? “well, I think I will use it today, yeah, I’ll walk to the store and I’ll use my shopping cart today” The very moment he wants to cleanse I will hold on so tight, and I will make every single excuse as to why we just can’t get rid of that, whatever that may be.   He really cracked me up one day years ago when I noticed my yoga mat was missing. “I was like where is that yoga mat?” I walked up to my sons room where I saw they had cut up my yoga mat to muffle his drum set! So I say “why did you use my yoga mat?” And naturally their response “come on mom, you never use it” me, “yeah, but I was going to use it just now!” This is the story of my life. I hold on to things. I have a really hard time letting go. Some people are natural at letting go and some people are not. I want to be in my mind but I’m not really made that way.

iphone july aug 163

You know what else? I like to find things. And I have to literally talk myself out of bringing things home. This week my neighbor had a wooden ladder out by the trash. I wanted it. So I tell littlest and only girl “I really want that ladder” She says, “Mom, do you really need that ladder? What will you do with it” “Well, I will put it in my garden and put planks of wood on it and make it like a flower pot shelf stand thing” She talked me out of it. I didn’t go get it. These things happen a lot and I would say it’s 4 against 1. The kids seem to take the side of motorcycle man. They always ask me the important questions. “Do you really NEED it?” “What will you do with it?” and “Do you have a spot for it?” They are all so smart and they keep me level headed, they really do. I still sort of wish I had that ladder though.

How are you made? Tell me in the comments section. Are you a release kind of person or a hold on tight? Are you a tosser or a collector?


16 thoughts on “Do you really need that?

  1. I was just tellin T about this & he got bent out of shape saying, it’s her stuff & no one needs to touch it!!!!….,. He is major collecter of all things with boxes & drawers & dressers & file cabinets & a garage packed. If i toss anything i find it re-stashed somewhere else. I do like your garden ladder idea, much love & peace.

    1. I went back to look at the ladder, it actually wouldn’t have worked for my idea, one side was missing the little steps. But Yeah, it’s a weird balance because I know Rich likes things simple and uncluttered so I try to tame my collecting just a tiny bit.

  2. Um, so if that ladder is still there, I’ll totally take it! And the shopping cart? That would be perfect for the flea market – have you been to the one in Long Beach??? We should totally go one weekend. It’s AMAZING. And we could totally fill that basket with things neither of us need. We may be VERY bad influences on one another. 😛

  3. I think when you are a creative person anything can catch your attraction.
    You see already what you have made out of it when all the others still asking what the hell you need this old ladder for.
    When I ‘m out of the house and see something I at once want to take…I do it.
    If I start to think about for what I could use it…I leave it.
    I am both …keeper and tosser.
    I take things with me…once I took day by day branches of trees with me which were sawn off. They were really heavy with all their little twigs and leaves – I draggled them home – not really knowing why and what to do with them but I was convinced I needed them. The following days I built a shrine .
    My Ancestor Shrine
    From time to time I muck out my room and then all is going out that I have not used at all even when I think: ” Oh I maybe could use that…”

    1. Oh my goodness Claudia! I love what you did there. THis is perfect for the little things found, feathers, little hearts, shells and things. I’m in love with your corner. So in lOVE. Thank you for posting this picture.

  4. Oh, don’t get rid of the shopping cart! It is amazing and so useful. Maybe not all that often but it is a really, really cool one. Besides, there is history with this one. But…you know there is room for it next door. he he

  5. I’m a getting rid of person. For the most part. I really have tried to purge a lot of stuff this last few years and mostly I am not one to bring new stuff into the house. I like a lot of empty space. Many things make me feel rattled and jangled and I always hear a voice in my head saying “You should be using that!” And then I feel guilty. I read a few minimalist blogs and they inspire me. A while ago (years) it occurred to me that every thing I own will require care. Hence, the more I own, the more time I need to spend caring for it. And I am a person who desperately needs a lot of empty quiet time so I decided to have less things and not feel bad about not taking good care of them. That’s where I’m at right now. We are all different. I think it’s a matter of making peace with our own nature and moving towards what feels the most comfortable. Don’t be hard on yourself. Heaven knows, I still battle that here. If only we could be as kind and gentle to ourselves as we are to the ones we hold dear. Work in progress, for me. Love to you, Pam oxoxoxoxo

    1. I like to hear about the way you are built because honestly in sparse spaces I feel as if I can just breathe better, relax. So I also love that feeling but the flip side if I walk into a space with all sorts of stuff I’m excited, I love to take in all the bits. It’s like one way is peace and the other way is excitement. I was going to say joy but peace can be joy too. It’s just well. I love so many ways I just have to pick one and go with it. So collecting and seems to be my natural tendancy. So I go with it.

  6. If it makes you happy!
    I have a wooden ladder I carried home from a walk one day, and Yes I needed it. Found a spot for it and I use it! Well moonchild I say seize the free stuff…..
    If it makes you happy!

  7. I’m both. I’m a purger and a collector. I grew up with collectors and it can clog you, it can be overwhelming to try and have peace when surrounded by collections and as such, I’m a purger. I want to live my life not beholden to things, not being weighed down by things.
    Reversely, I hold tight to those things that are dear to me, my great-grandmother’s camera, the stamp holder that Mr. T made me, the Jade Mayan calendar I bought a few years ago.

  8. I am totally a hold on tight collector. I bring all sorts of stuff home, which in turn has made my girl the same. She is always bring things home for me and I see the hubby roll his eyes because here in another thing entering the house that we don’t need and I probably won’t dust often enough, because I love collecting it, but i’m not that crazy about cleaning it. 🙂 My girl is a heart, feather, flower, weird tree nut fallen from the tree kind of girl. She is my mini me! Mind you, I love space the feeling it gives to be in an open clutter free place, but i love my ‘things’. I really do! 🙂

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