mail – real paper mail


I found this guy on my early morning walk.  I saw a few of these little guys just inching along, leaving their little trails.  I ran home to get my camera.  Picture worthy don’t you think?  So in the spirit of snails, let us talk about snail mail.  Us writers love that stuff.  I love sending it and I love receiving it so when I saw that Jennifer Belthoff was matching up snail mail pals, I had to join.  You know me.  I like to join.  And it’s easy.  She matches us up.  We send a total of three post cards through out this month and she gives us a little writing prompt.  I received my post card just last week.  It was a gorgeous wave and I lit a candle next to it and realized the reflection from the candle made it look like a sun was in the sky.  It was really amazing and it made me smile.  My pen pal for the month sent me a beautiful poem.

photo (20)

Oh and we sold the motor home!!!  Guess what that means?  The little yellow bug gets its new engine!!!!  That’s all for now.

4 thoughts on “mail – real paper mail

    1. this is how the story goes. When my oldest and first to be born graduated high school we got him a little yellow 1967 bug…I think it’s a 67. And he loved that yellow bug. Then last year on Moon Rebels birthday he was in a car accident. He stalled it in an intersection while turning left. He was hit. It was sad. So he earned money to buy a new fender and he and dad fixed it back up. He drove it for about two weeks and since he wasn’t on the oil checking which is a must…the engine froze:( So then we took the bug back over and it has been sadly sitting on the side of our house waiting for it’s new engine. I don’t drive the bug. Stick shifts give me anxiety. driving in general gives me anxiety. So I will be a passenger while motorcycle man drives me around on the weekends. It’s adorable the bug.

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