I write – because I must

There was a little girl,

And she had a little curl

Right in the middle of her forehead

When she was good

She was very, very good

And when she was bad she was horrid.

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

sky This poem is so very me. I’m sort of all or nothing which can be so dangerous. I keep trying to work on that part about me. Trying to calm down and realize its okay not to do things perfect. I should just do the best I can and not beat myself up about the rest.

So this morning I got up early. I’m not an early bird just so you know. I prefer night owl behavior. I walked early because it’s supposed to be really hot today. I saw one sweet tiny snail making its way.

At 7:00 a.m. a man arrived with a handful of cash.  We sold the motor home!!  We tried to sell it all summer long and then last night we got our buyer. He gave us the money this morning and took the home away. I will miss it. We have lots of wonderful memories with it.

At 7:15 my oldest to be born wrapped his arms around me and said “I need help mom, I’m sick” He has an 8 hour shift and had to be at work by 8:00 a.m. It felt good to be his mom. I made him hot tea with honey and rubbed peppermint and on-gaurd on his chest.  Now he is home in bed.  He worked 4 of the 8 hours.

By 8:05 I was sitting in the parking lot of Right Aid. I have created a little routine where I stop before work and do my daily devotion and pray for all sorts of things. Twice now I have seen a little old guy with a feather in his hat. It makes me happy.

thingsI’m reading a really wonderful book right now called “A Million Little Ways”  It has me thinking lots.  In this book it talks a lot about how our creator made us, He already knows what we are supposed to be but sometimes we forget.  It asks a few questions I’m pondering right now.  This is one of the questions, “when is a time in your life you felt fully alive?”  In this book it talks about how it’s always been in us, whatever it is about us that makes us who we are.  Is that confusing?  Well, she uses for example how when she played Barbies she had intricate story lines, they all had names and she really PLAYED Barbies.  Her sister on the other hand didn’t name her Barbies, she didn’t have intricate story lines, she just decorated their houses and set out their clothes and dressed them up.  So now in life the sister helps people decorate their homes on a budget and the author of this book (Emily Freeman) she writes!  They have always been who they are today.  Always.  So who am I?  Who are you?  Good questions right? And also a great book.  I recommend it.

And sometimes I just write about my day because I can’t think of any thing else to write about. But I must write I just must.





6 thoughts on “I write – because I must

  1. And the similarities just keep coming! I am so not a morning person, but a total night owl. I am so thrilled that you have joined with me in these little adventures. When I started reading this book, it had so many good nuggets in it, I had to bring out the highlighter. I have a similar Barbie story. My cousin loved to play barbies, I did not. She would bug me, and bug me until I gave in. So while her Barbie was going on hot dates, and lots of social kind of things, I was creating. We didn’t have any fancy Barbie furniture, so I was busy using found things to make my home. I remember taking tissue paper, and markers to create my bedspread. I also made little tissue pillows stuffed with cotton balls. By the time I was done creating my world, I was done playing Barbies. That’s the way I rolled. I like to create. When I go to the craft store and see all that scrap paper, I not only want to make things with the paper, I want to be the one who designs the paper!

  2. Have you and Abbie watched Harriet the spy? Ryleigh watched that movie so many times she can recite the whole thing. You remind me of Harriet.

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