home is where the heart is

So today I thought, I should paint our mailbox red and paint the words home on our front door.  So I did.


This is what it looked like before I did what I did.  I had started to write the word home in chalk over the summer but never went through with it.


It’s not perfect the painted words but I like it just the same.

Then Motorcycle man surprised me and bought little flowers for our front skinny planter for only 88 cents each.  He also spread some mulch.  He bought 7 bags of mulch, red paint and those cute flowers all for under 20.00 and it just sort of fancied up the front of our home a little.  My mini roses accidentally were murdered when the flea and bug spray was sprayed in the planter box.  So it was looking pretty sad.  I wished I had taken a before shot but since he surprised me I had no idea this flower planter would look different today.  The chairs in our front porch have been with us since we married over 21 years ago.  I love that and I still love those chairs.


5 thoughts on “home is where the heart is

  1. I dig it all!! You say the letterings not perfect but it is to me! Have a beautiful week ss i will see you soon with gift in hand 😉

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