hello fall


My mission.  Class  Picture Fall –  day one.  Fall Leaf.  I know Tracey Clark is from Southern California and she had success so I should be able to do the same.  Last week we had a heat wave and it didn’t feel like fall in any way.  It felt more like the middle of summer to be honest.  So I was thinking, this will be a challenge a real BIG challenge.  We have barely any red, orange or yellow around these parts.  Lots of old brown and crunchy and every so often a little yellow or red leaf may appear but mostly it’s brown and crunchy.  I began my walk around the neighborhood and I was thrilled to find a feather mixed amongst the fall leaves.  I like to take these shots by just placing the camera on the ground.   It’s usually a pleasant surprise when I do this.  I like the pop of pink in this one.  And what do you know.  I found a blessing!  Our fall is different but it’s still good.


Then I happened upon this sweet red leaf.  Only it wasn’t on the ground.  I actually plucked if off a vine.  It’s sure sweet though.


Then I took the secret path that backs up against the riverbed.  There was actually water in the riverbed and I was confused where the water had come from but the sound of it sure was nice.  I had picked up this sweet semi colorful leaf on my walk and I stumbled upon this shopping card on the riverbed and it was in the brand new bike path that just recently opened up in our city.  I stuck it in the little ribbon there and took it’s picture  I was so excited that little itty bitty heart in the sticker made itself known.  I had not noticed it when I placed the leaf there but when I looked at it on my preview screen it’s almost all I could see.  I was smiling because it was so sweet.


And then I brought fall inside.  I picked a really big leaf off a tree also as I walked home.  I did more plucking than picking but all the better leaves seemed to still be attached to their source.  And this was my attempt at capturing our California fall leaves.  I’m so curious to see how my friend Christina fared in South Dakota?  I bet you are curious too, check it out here on her beautiful blog 22 Limes

Lastly, when I think of Fall I think of Walt Whitman and the book Leaves of Grass.  I had this book since I was a teenager and worked at the bookstore.  I don’t know why but this book always reminds me of fall.  I couldn’t find my copy this morning.  But I want to leave with a quote by him from this book.

“Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you.
You must travel it by yourself.
It is not far. It is within reach.
Perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know.
Perhaps it is everywhere – on water and land.”
Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

5 thoughts on “hello fall

  1. You nailed it, I love your fall finds! You didn’t just find leaves, but even a feather blessing. Your words are so warm and personal, I love that about you! I love that we both used a quote, and we neither of us posted just one photo. I have one question, are you now the owner of your own grocery cart? I am familiar with Walt Whitman, but not the book you quoted. I love it, truth. thank you.

  2. I think you totally nailed your fall – and I love that you accepted and embraced that your fall is different from what is considered “standard” fall! We are the same way, I don’t have the color changes on all the trees like they do out East, but I love my fall just the same, and now I love your fall too!

  3. Your fall is beautiful. Love how you can even make an abandoned shopping cart something of beauty. Seriously woman, I think they could give you the challenge of photographing ice in the sahara desert and you would someone make it be or make us believe it was there. You are a beautiful storyteller. 🙂

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