Italian feathers!!


My parents are back from Italy last night.  They spent two and a half weeks there with good friends. I mentioned to mom before she left…..”make sure and take selfies of you and dad!”  She just laughed.   “Maybe you can find some hearts and Italian bird feathers at your feet”  And within a few days I received in my in box a big smiley selfie of mom and dad on the train!

photo (22)

Then a few days later she sent me a heart shaped rock and I said “mom, did you scoop it up and put it in your pocket”  she wrote back “lol, it was huge!”  I took a closer look and it was, it was pretty big but a perfect heart.

photo (20)

Then she sent me a picture of her espresso and it had a heart on top!

photo (21)

She sent other pictures too, the leaning tower, buildings and views.  It looked like an epic trip and I’m so grateful my parents have the means to do this sort of thing. Travel to see our beautiful world.  These little messages she sent mean so much to me.  She took the time to share with me things that we can share together and even though I wasn’t with her and my dad, it’s almost like I was because she was constantly on the look out for hearts and feathers so as I thought of them from here, they thought of us from there and we stayed connected in our hearts.


Do you want to know what’s special about these feathers?  They are the Italian feathers mom found at her feet.  She got me a few other things too but she could have stopped at these Italian feathers and I would have been perfectly content.  I was already over the moon about them.  I have put them with my other feathers but they have their own little cup so I can remember which ones came from little Italian birds.


And completely on a different subject.  We as part of our challenge were supposed to do two new exercises this week.  I tried this app called Seven, and it’s free and it completely kicked my butt.  I’m sore today!  SORE, which is good.  I think Yoga will be my other change up for the week.  Because typically I just walk lots and lots and lots during the week.   So it’s nice to do something different.  I did pay extra for the hippie trainer though.  He makes me laugh!


And this is me after the work out!  So you see it really did kick my butt.


10 thoughts on “Italian feathers!!

  1. Those truly are the most precious feathers. Thanks for sharing your story. The love you have for them shines through in your words. Lovely!

    If you’re ever up for evening yoga, let me know! I (usually) go Mondays and Thursday nights at 6:30. And on Thursdays my instructor uses DoTerra oils!! 🙂

  2. So sweet!!! I know that putting your mom on that little “mission” to find feathers and hearts made her trip that much more interesting. Can you imagine her joy at finding that big heart rock! All because of you. So super sweet. I just love it. Can’t wait to travel to Italy with my husband when we have time and money and all that stuff 😉

    1. Hello my friend Connie, Looks like a pretty cool October challenge with A for…B for…lots of creative freedom there. I will be joining you and also, I was wondering do we then post at the end of the month like I have seen you do in the past with your collection of all the challenges throughout the month? Or do I post each day on IG? How do we best do this challenge?

      1. The rules of the challenge are really loose. This is my version: I try to take a photo on the day of the prompt and post it on IG. I like to do a monthly review after the month is finished, mostly because many of my family are not on social media, so I email a link to see the pictures…they all get a kick out of my daily pics 🙂 95% of the photos I take for the challenge are with my iPhone, but occasionally I use my ‘big girl’ camera. 🙂 I can tag you in my daily pics if you like. Be sure to tag your IG photos with #fmsphotoaday so that others in the group can see too 🙂 There are thousands of participants, world wide and I really enjoy seeing the various photos from around the world.
        I’m so excited to see your photos :):) ❤

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