more time to just be


I’m not sure about you and I can only speak for myself.  After having a very fulfilling weekend with close family where insecurities were shared (mine) and life’s little hills and valley’s  were talked about, I have decided what would be best for me is to step away from most social media.  I find myself wasting too much time checking up on my friends and family.  I worry about them, I pray for them, I celebrate with them and I feel compelled to leave notes of encouragement and love to many of my friends and family but this sort of thing takes time, it takes thought and when I do these things I genuinely mean the comments that I leave but at the same time it takes great effort and as a mom, friend, sister, daughter and a few other titles I carry it takes a little something from me (time being the biggest)  I find myself comparing my life to this person or that person and this is exactly what we are not supposed to do considering we are all wonderfully made (psalm 139:14)  I quite honestly  get swept up into this social life that although can be very wonderful, seeing pictures of new babies, and far away family it can take away precious time.  And again I only speak for myself.  Others may have a good balance when it comes FB and Instagram and all the other things.  I will of course finish my commitment I have with the hours, I will not give up my blog because this is where I grow in my art and in my words.  I will also most likely limit my flickr activity although I’m not completely convinced of this.  I may just put limits on it which will be easy because I have nearly backed away from it anyway.  I want to put more effort into my walking, breathing living life.  I want to be able to focus more completely on my children my husband.  I want to have more time to sit and read.  I want to have more time to wonder around and take photographs of blessings that I find in my day to day existence.  I want more time to focus on my Creator. I want more time to exercise, more time to just be.  This is what I have decided and rather than just pull the plug without words or explanation.  I decided to make the general announcement.  And still silly of me to think it even matters to any of you that this would be what I have decided.  If I have a real live relationship, you already have my email address, or my cell phone or my home address.


I hope to grow during this very long break.  I hope to believe in my abilities and stop comparing my words, my art, my life to anyone else but my own.  And as I like to say, the choice is mine, I just have to be  brave enough to make it.  There is so much to see and do, so much life to be lived and shared.



And lastly, you have to know there is a part of me who feels guilty and selfish for doing this because it shouldn’t be all about me and what I want and desire but if I could only explain my heart in a more clear way.  It will mean I write more real letters, exchange real emails make more phone calls and just be in the world the way we used to exist.  It felt so much simpler then.   I’m not dropping the people I love and have established relationships with….. I’m just stepping away from the online stuff.


18 thoughts on “more time to just be

  1. I wish you luck with it. It’s hard to step away from Facebook but that is what I would like to do as well. I often feel that I don’t have time to blog – which I love – but if I were to add up all the time that I spend fiddling around on Facebook, I could actually put more creative effort into blogging. You’ve made a wise decision, I think.

  2. Okay I am SO super happy you are keeping the blog going for now, yay! I struggle with it too and just posted on your fb that I get it, just breathing, being outside and soaking in without feeling the need to check in is important. All this stuff becomes addicting, you’re not alone. Blessings Tto you and yours xo

  3. Best to you. I hope we keep in touch. I know how this can be and I have done it more than a few times as well. Sometimes enough is enough and it’s time to refocus. Love to you, new friend.

  4. I so understand all of this. And the comparisons… oh the comparisons. It can get you down. And it can also be inspiring at different times. I have found myself drifting further away from it all but of course I never stop checking in on your blog. Thank goodness you are not giving this up. I have wondered so many times how you keep it all up. You are amazing. Love you missy. xo

  5. Cathie, you lift me up so much, I feel as if you have never missed a post, you always leave your love and I always appreciate it and I’m fortunate to have met you and Jessie via social media. I hope you get our package soon, I was thinking about it this morning. I mailed it on the 10th and it’s been more than the 10 days they suggested it may take. Sigh…..It had better get there!

    1. 🙂 And I won’t miss any posts in the future. I know I have secretly been a little worried about this mail arriving, but have been told delivery dates before and they have been completely different so not to worry too much yet. Enjoy your social media break. It’s nice to take the pressure off.

  6. Hello, dear one. I love that you are making this bold move, and I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have tried to focus more of my time and attention to my family and “real life” too. As rich and wonderful as life on-line can be, it does distract (at least for me) from one on one connections with others in real time. I’m trying to model a healthier approach to media for my girls and I witness in myself the constant draw away from what needs my attention, to check and immediately respond to social media interactions. While I say this, I also recognize how absolutely heart expanding it was to receive your surprise text today. Despite it being a virtual connection, I felt so strongly the profound meaning in it. Thank you so much for thinking of me today and letting me know that I was on your mind. You are one of the kindest, most loving people I have the privilege to know, Tracie, and I applaud your constant striving for authenticity. I’m sending you much love across the miles. xo

  7. I hear you my dear, dear friend and I really do understand. All of what you have said speaks to me. It makes so much sense. I hope that I am as brave one day because I think that what we are doing is so unnatural. Especially the constant comparison which, as much as I try, I am still guilty of and I find that to be the worst part. We all have our gifts and we all see the world in a different way. I NEED to live that instead of just saying it and I think the steps you have taken will make it possible. So you are a incredible example to me sweetie!!!! A beautiful, filled with life, talented, and oh-so-loving woman!!!! I wish you only wonderful experiences and good times!!!!


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