the big day

Yesterday I walked with the littlest and only girl.  I told her if I walked with her I wouldn’t wear my headphones.  She said, “Oh, mom it’s okay, wear your headphones”  I said “No way Abbie, if you walk with me I want to talk to you, see how your day was and enjoy your company”  She said “okay and smiled” Then she told me about her day.  And this isn’t new.  When she walks with me we talk, if Moon Rebel walks with me….we talk.  It’s a oppertunity but it got me so excited thinking about what’s ahead.  I’m pretty sure I will have more time.  Time to read, time to walk and time to create.  Abbie really wants to bake.  It’s been so hot around here that turning on my oven is my last thought but I sure can’t wait for it to cool down.  The first really serious cool day we will bake.  And when the holidays begin to approach we will completely enjoy them with crafts and laughs and pictures of it all.  I will never stop documenting our life in photographs.


When I picked up Moon Rebel today he gave me the WEIRDEST look.  I said “yeah, so my hair was in my face so I pulled it back”  He says “not that mom! I never see you wear lipstick!”  “Oh that, well I deactivated my facebook and took Instagram off my phone, so I put on some lipstick and pulled my hair back while I waited” He barely believed me, “really mom?  for real?”  “Yep for real”  in which he puts his hand in the air and wants a high-five!

IMG_5495When Littlest and only girl got into the jeep she said “I love your hair mom!” I tried to ask littlest and only girl to take a picture with me today when I picked her up.  But she would not, she said “here mom, let me just take one of you” she took out her phone and snapped. Then she said “I’m saving this as your profile picture for the times you call me”

6 thoughts on “the big day

  1. Okay so I just want to say that I think YOU ROCK! I am so impressed and inspired by your “unplugging” … Love your new pic too, great capture Abbie girl.

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