I apprecaite you



Day one was more than a success. I wore lipstick, I did my hair and I listened. I listened to the nudge. Do you ever get a thought, just a small thought in your head and you are not even sure why it’s there? Or do you dream of someone and then wonder why? Well I have noticed that more times than not in this life of mine anyway, when I get a little nudge I should respond to it, react, do something about it. Because it’s real easy to just put it on the back burner or say, maybe later. I’m still learning though because I don’t always listen and then do what that little voice is trying to tell me.  I call this voice which I can’t really hear by the way, it’s more like a thought but I’m the same person who reads aloud in my head so when I hear my thoughts it’s almost as if they really are talking to me. So anyway, I personally call this little voice or nudge the Holy Spirit. It’s like a gentle tap on the shoulder. So yesterday I was browsing my personal photo library on my iPhone, deleting duplicate photos and general clean up. When I stopped cold on a particular photo. I clicked on it to enlarge it, I smiled and then something told me to text the person this picture represented. I had not texted this person in well over a year. In fact I have never even met this person. I have however spoken to her on the phone and texted her in the past. So I took the image and only added the words “I appreciate you” I wasn’t even sure why I typed those exact words exactly, except for the fact that….it’s what was placed on my heart to type. So I did it. I half way wondered if I even had the correct cell phone number. Minutes later I received a text back which read in part “You can’t possibly imagine what your message means to me!!” I had answered her back with a question she had also left and her next response was partially this “Your message was literally the voice of God to me today. Thank you and I hope that doesn’t sound too weird” Of course it didn’t sound weird to me. I believe with my entire heart that God uses people to communicate message to those who may specifically need it. I have heard stories of homeless people being messengers of words needed to be heard. I only mention homeless because your message may come in the most unique packages, God is creative.  I believe since God doesn’t speak audibly any longer and although we have scripture with many words of great wisdom and truth, that real live messages still happen in the most what seem to be random, beautiful ways. This was one of those examples. So I’m just telling you this story if you were kind enough to read it that when you feel a nudge, a tap on the shoulder or hear “voices in your head” You may want to just reach out to the person who is placed on your heart, wether written letter, phone call or text, or even a real live visit, just do it and see what happens.




4 thoughts on “I apprecaite you

  1. ps.
    Was looking for an email address in your about me section and found none! Did read an edited version and loved it, especially the cute baby photo of you 😉 … Was hoping to drop you a private message to ask if you’d be willing to be my November chat with a mom? Please say yes! 🙂

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