day 6 – monochromatic




“Resist much, obey little” Walt Whitman  I didn’t really obey very well for this lesson.IMG_4973

I took this shot a few years back.  I turned it black and white.  Looks monochromatic to me

“Filling our frames with monochromatic subject matter (all one color) can be captivating.”  These words were in the lesson.  And when I think of monochromatic I think of Martha Stewart.  I feel like so much of her decorating style would be described like this, at least from my point of view.  I happen to like that.  It’s peaceful and soothing.  It’s not what I have chosen to do in my own home but I can truly admire it in others.  Encouraged to not find all one color as boring Tracey suggests we focus on the textures of our subject. So turns out this week has been very busy and I thought about our lesson lots but I was swallowed by my day-to-day things and the only thing I kept looking at were my beautiful pomegranates that my Sister Sarah brought me from her home, from her tree.  However I missed the mark here because the bowl is blue and I adored the one little green leaf that was left on the steam so that pretty much blew the concept of monochromatic. Here it is anyways because they are just interesting and they are so good for us to eat and drink.


 nope, this will not count

Then I was fiddling with my manual settings and I’ll be darned.  The dang shutter was super slow and open for an eternity so I got the next image, which can barely be made out, but I like it.  I just do.  So you know trial and error.  I’m so clueless with my new camera.  I had to have it then it turns out to be much more complicated than my old 20d which I knew so well.  And heck, I may be saying it all backwards my photo langauge.  I have issues with remembering how to technically speak about photography.  I just like to say, I love photography, I have a decent eye for it and I have so much more to learn.


The last photo I share is also from a few years back.  I apparently don’t seek out monochromatic themes.  This one below seems to sort of count for it.  Okay, this lesson was hard for me.  I wonder if Christina had better luck on this lesson.  Maybe she totally got it.  Like it was no big deal for her.  I promise I like Martha Stewart, I do.  I just also live in a home with explosions of color and eyes that are attracted by the burst of multi colors.  Stop by and visit my friend Christina at 22llimes.   Let’s see what she thought of this lesson.


One thought on “day 6 – monochromatic

  1. Yes, I did have trouble with this prompt as well as with my lens! I love pomegranates! I can only imagine how cool it is to have a pomegranate tree in the back yard. That would most definitely be a harvest treat! I was going to photograph them as well, but they cost $4-5 each here, and I didn’t want to spend that much money, then I thought I would go the store and take a photo, but didn’t get it done. I am sure I will fit it into one of my autumn photos yet!

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