search, rescue and revere lesson No. 7

search:  to find something you are looking for

rescue:  an act of saving

revere:  to feel deep respect for something


You see I’m a bit of a collector of “things” sometimes  I don’t have to search very far to make up collections.  One summer in particular the poor Japanese beetles would live their short beautiful lives and end up dead on our backyard patio.  They are so gorgeous that I couldn’t bare toss them away, so I began to collect them in a jar.  I giggle thinking about it because that same summer my sister who is a pretty funny girl made up a song about my “dead beetles in a jar”  Then the jar became more of a collection of creation that had lost its life.  The saddest was the little hummingbird we were watching build a nest.  I had even photographed her up in her nest taking care of her baby eggs.  And then one day we found her little lifeless body beneath the nest.  Again such a beautiful and unique creature, I couldn’t just toss her.  So I placed her in the jar, lizard tail, baby tiny lizard, bee, and a grasshopper.  All the things I keep in my jar.  So to say I search, rescue and revere things fallen would be an understatement.   I also collect and gather less strange things like drift wood, feathers, rocks and sea glass….oh and shells.  But today I only took pictures of a few of these things.  I had expected to incorporate finding and gathering while on my daily walk but my daily walk didn’t happen until much later this evening so I show my collection of life lost that I happen to keep in a jar.  I hope you don’t think me too strange.  And you have to admit the Japanese beetles are stunning with their amazing color.  As usual, I’m so very curious what my creative partner came up with, what did Christina collect up for this challenge?  You can see what she came up with at 22limes.



 “Nothing can happen more beautiful than death.”

*Walt Whitman*

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