to edit or not to edit?

In the spirit of finding beauty in the simple things.  I share a few images that make me smile. And then I pull it into picMonkey and change it up a bit.


I found this in Rogers Garden.  It’s untouched and beautiful in its own pure right.

IMG_9204 pmI don’t have any programs to really make my images shine but sometimes I use picMonkey to make things more interesting.  Words always make things more interesting, a little texture and color changing.


I took this in kitchen by the sink.

IMG_8798 2 pm

Then I pulled it into picMonkey and added words and stuff.

So sometimes I think it would be a good idea to get a photo editing program.  People seem to take regular photo’s and make them into art in a way when they have programs like that.  I also have a pull to just read more about my camera and use it to a fuller capacity.  I also have a desire to get a really good lens instead of just using the kit lens that came with my awesome new camera.  The lens part takes money though.  I have a hard time spending money on things like that.

So what are your thoughts.  Does tweaking a photo a bit make it more interesting?  Or just leaving it be, more natural as our eye sees it?  I have always claimed to be a purest but I must admit.  I really love to see what my creative friends do with their photos via editing programs.

5 thoughts on “to edit or not to edit?

  1. I have no desire to tweak a photo (disclaimer: I do sometimes send a picture to a friend and ask her to add words for me, cause I don’t know how!), but I like thing natural. In fact, I find filters and things tend to take away the beauty. But, that’s just me!
    And I love your pictures, the natural ones seem so very real to me and make me feel like I’m there with you.

  2. I used to be a pure purist. No fiddling at all. They all had to be straight out of the camera. I finally bought Light Room and though I have a lot to learn, I can see how it’s a great program and it’s helped me a lot in black and white conversions, to get the tones I want and not get lost in shadows or too much brightness. They have a thirty day free trail thing. In the end, you have to be happy with the image yourself and have it be the way you want it. Sometimes it’s just trial and error. But yeah, I do like the possibilities in Light Room. oxoxoxoxox

  3. I agree with Pam, I use Lightroom to enhance the shot’s colours and contrast, but I wouldn’t do anything besides that. Love the first picture, I think it’s perfect especially the bokeh 🙂

  4. Hey you. Firstly I love every one of your photos so don’t think you need to change a thing or spend lots of money. Seriously lady, you are talented. For years I just persevered with iPhoto on my Mac and then discovered Aperture for Mac which I really love to use, but after reading one of Francesca links recently I noticed Apple are discontinuing this program. NOOOooooo! So I finally got the trial option for Lightroom and am liking it so far. Lots to learn though. But thanks to you I also discovered PicMonkey and have been using it a bit lately at work as I don’t have any editing programs on my work computer. What a great online application. I think I’d be happy with it if it’s all I had access to.

  5. I love editing photos as much as I love taking them. For me they both represent my creative process. I only shoot in raw, so I have to open them with an editing program, which I currently use PSE 11, and I am trialing Lightroom 5. I always tweak things like saturation, exposure, contrast, sharpen, etc. Editing does cause a conflict for me though, sometimes I makes several edits, and then I can’t decide. I didn’t realize that all your photos were SOOC, so you obviously do a great job! I love editing with my iPod! If I have to wait for something, then I am busy editing photos, whether it is just basic stuff, adding texture, words, or turning it into a completely different finished product, it’s all so much fun! By the way, your new blog theme looks great!

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