jet plane


Remember when I talked about being shy and introverted?  I still am but yes, I’m also brave and I can say this with complete confidence.   I’m meeting up with my NOW YOU gals mostly the ones who reside in the PNW.  I live sort of close enough to either take a long drive or a short flight.  I’m taking the short flight because in my heart of hearts I know this is going to be a really great trip and the friendships I have already made via picture sharing and workshops  are deep. Many of us have already bared our souls, we don’t need to cut through the small talk.  We can jump straight in. And I for one have never experienced anything quite like this.  I don’t want to spend too much time imagining how this trip will be, I just want to be there, just be.  Take it all in.  I began to believe I didn’t have very much to offer, I don’t sew, I don’t crochet, I don’t cook amazing however I love.  I just love and I listen and I share my heart and I’m present and with this group it’s good enough to just be me, exactly who I am.  I can learn from the cookers, the bakers, the knitters, the other artists because although I still don’t exactly know my nitche I do know I’m an artist and I do belong in this group. acceptance in spite of our social status, our spiritual beliefs, our political stands.  We all just love.  We all just accept.  We can peel away our differences and see each other for our hearts and our souls. I hope to share pictures and words upon my return and I hope that no matter where we are, that we can gather in groups and just listen and love and create of course, having mini meet ups across the globe and one day maybe we can all gather in one spot.

Don’t stop dreaming.

yep.  tomorrow.  leaving.  on a jet plan.  and this version is pretty amazing in my books.

10 thoughts on “jet plane

  1. Oh my gosh… I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see the pictures and hear the stories after it all happens. So very jealous but in a really good way. I know you will have the best time. I love our Now You’ers. Looking forward to doing it again in 2015 if it’s still happening.
    I love Angus and Julia too. 🙂 xo Have fun.

  2. sooooo happy you’re making this trip, tracie. i think you know yourself pretty darn well. your niche is love. you are an artist who loves with a very big heart.
    have an amazing time…xo

  3. Good crying here. Good crying. Oh, Tracie. I’m with you in heart and sprit, loving the lot of you there. Kiss everyone for me please.

  4. Oh tracie! I am so excited for you and everyone else making this trip. it is going to be amazing. you’ve always been an artist. don’t think any other way. sending love to the PNW

  5. So so happy you are there….and your description of the experience of NOW YOU is spot on for me too! Enjoy, but I know you will, and much much more. Mwah!! (Thanks for taking us there in you pocket!)

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