This morning I received a wonderful email from Miss Moonspinner and she introduced me to a girl called Mindy Gledhill and in this email she paid me a really big compliment, she said this song reminds her of me, it’s called pocketful of poetry.  Holy wow, that’s a big deal.  It means number one she really, really KNOWS me.  Cause well, I’m in constant wonder? and I’m most happy when I’m writing, poetry, stories, words….just words.  I love words but simple ones not very complicated sophisticated ones.  I’m very simple you know.   I wonder what makes those glow in the dark things, glow in the dark?  How is it bubbles have the most magnificent opalescent rainbows inside?  I wonder how feathers are made perfectly to help those birds to fly?  I wonder how all those men built that big bridge that we faithfully drive  on top of to cross the water?  I’m in constant wonder?  It’s a big joke around here with motorcycle man because since I’m in constant wonder and amazement about things I will often ask him as if he has all the answers.  “Rich how come this?  How come that?  I wonder why they do it that way, do you know why?”  He will laugh and say, he doesn’t know the answers but sometimes he makes things up just to make me giggle.  We are a good team, the pair of us.  So I made up a nick name for the all-knowing motorcycle man, I will from time to time call him BOK and that stands for book of knowledge.  Long story short, I would much rather be writing and making pretty things, and taking pictures and of course hanging out with my family and friends and mostly just playing and having music constantly playing all the time like an enourmous sound track to our life…. but I do know we must work, I suppose we just must.  But I wonder what it would be like to do what I love so it wouldn’t feel like work?  People do it.  I know this to be true but could this be me?  Could I just write words and take pictures of things and make a living?  hum…. I wonder??




5 thoughts on “wonderland

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes! First I listened to the song, and I can totally see you in it. I love to read your words, so why wouldn’t everyone else……..I believe wholehearted you could make a living doing what you love! It is just a matter of taking the first step into the abyss of uncertainty, but Rich seems to be an amazing support system for you, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Just do it!

  2. What a lovely song. I can see how your friend would think of you. You know what? I ask my husband for answers to everything. I always just expect that he will know. What is quite amazing is he usually does. I don’t let on that often but I’m pretty sure he’s the smartest person I know. 🙂 And although yes we have to work. Why can’t it be doing what we love. I think you can. You really can. xo

  3. I tell ya what…this image kicks ass. And all that curiosity? It’ll lead somewhere cool. BOK is lucky to have you. I bet you make him giggle a lot and that’s something to hang onto. And your kids sure are lucky too…because that’s great to have a curious Momma. 😉

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