feeling quite honored today!


My greatest gifts…my three babies and the reason they are here!  Motorcycle man! 

Last month Dean sent me a personal message and asked if I could be featured on her (hello AMAZING BLOG…LITTLE STEPS)  Where she mostly shares about adventures that little T and not to be forgotten, co-conspirator’s  Boots and Doc go on epic adventures…Yes epic!  A children’s book could be made of darling little T and her day-to-day happenings. But not only does Dean share fun stories about her little T but she also has this extra big heart that reaches out to others.  She has a great following and she likes to honor other mums and dads which in doing this I have also “met” some other amazing bloggers.  She also gave me my first and only blogger award when I sort of first began, She called it the “blog your heart out award”  Long story short, she knows how to make me feel, quite loved and appreciated and that always feels so nice.  AND she lives in England with her darling family so I absolutely love to look at her images because for me it’s like a fairy tale, the scenery and the things that they get to see on a regular basis, its pretty dreamy if you ask me. Green, lush and so expansive and when you see that big big world with little T running through it in her darling red coat, little doc martins, mary janes or wellies, and quite typically Doc at her side,  well it’s beyond precious. And on a final note, Dean will say she is inspired by my photo’s but she has an eye too and it’s a very good one.



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