courage. part one of ?


courage.  It comes in many different depths, sizes, colors, shapes  and forms. And what seems courageous to one may be just normal every day stuff to another.  Some people seem to not just be born with a seed waiting to bloom but they nearly come out of the womb in full flower!  I know a few people like this, I’m married to one. They could take on the world, they can jump out of airplanes and climb really tall mountains.  But then there are those born with just a tiny seed and the seed, it’s not even near their heart, it way far away like way down in their little tiny baby toe.  That’s where mine lives.  And it’s really scared most of the time.  It double crosses its fingers when it goes through a yellow light, it closes its eyes just watching courage happen. It likes to stay grounded.  It feels safest in its home.

I love children’s books very much.  I have a big, big love for them and most especially if they have darling illustrations.  Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind writing a children’s book someday, that would be so fun.  But anyways, I bought a book one time titled “courage”  by Bernard Waber and I bought it at the time specifically for my second born child.  A boy, you all know him as MoonRebel, which he named himself after he hung up playing soccer this past year. I gave him the book when he was just 3  years old.  I wrote him a note inside of it and I would read him the book aloud.  The ironic thing is, he is the one kid who didn’t need this book.  He was timid at first as a baby, he clung to me more than the other two, he wouldn’t go to hardly anyone but me.  But then he grew up.  And he became independent and very sturdy in his own skin.  He didn’t need a book to teach him to be courageous.  He was born with it, just like his daddy.

What kind of person are you?  Were you born to climb mountains?  Do you have a tiny seed just begging to be watered so it can bloom real big?  Or are you happy just living on the ground nice and safe not even having to nourish the seed?  And even if I think jumping out an airplane is courageous, I have to remind myself, there really are different degrees and shapes, sizes and forms of courage.  And just maybe what I consider every day stuff may just be courage to the person who does jump out airplanes.  Something to consider at least?

5 thoughts on “courage. part one of ?

  1. I think I’m like you. I do have that tiny seed still waiting to bloom. Someday, hopefully I’ll have the courage to do what I want. Maybe when little T is older. Should really start doing it now (not getting any younger!) … Love children’s books too with lovely illustrations.

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