I’m thankful for these hands


I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

I’m very grateful for these hands. They mostly do very good things. Sometimes they do bad things. But still I’m grateful.
I hold his hand
I hold their hands
I write poems
I write words
I write letters
with these hands
I can create
with these hands
I push the shutter
with these hands
I hold
many things
in these hands
I can touch the sand
the grass
the water
the soil
with these hands

Forever grateful.

This week has been unusually busy.  It has been filled to the brim and although I just desire rest right now, I’m still grateful for the opportunity to raise money for Containers of Hope and I’m hoping someone can take what I find to be special and beautiful and in turn give to these children.  It all goes to them.  Otherwise I have decided putting a price on what I love is something I don’t want to do. This will happen tomorrow at my friends shop in the town I grew up.  I’m grateful I can try to help in some way.  And this picture was prompted by a class I’m taking.  What part of my body am I thankful for and appreciate?  My hands but so much more than that.  I hope your week is going well.  Sending out love.

5 thoughts on “I’m thankful for these hands

  1. sending love back to you…a great image and a wonderful poem! when we start thinking about what our hands do in the course of one day it’s quite amazing. xo I’ll follow your link to Containers of Hope-thanks

    1. last year Abbie and I filled just one pack pack for one little girl. It was so fun to take Abbie shopping and we picked out socks, and a tiny stuffed animal, and paper, pencils, pens and toothbrush, candy and little odds and ins. But this year we are giving money, just straight out as much money as I might get from tonight’s fundraiser. Which isn’t buckets full by any means, and it will only if someone is feeling generous and wants to pay to take one of my frames prints home. We have also been collecting up change from our drawers and pockets to help out. It’s not very much, I wish I could do more but it’s something.

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