“I have come to understand that anything I wish to become better at I must mindfully practice and gratitude is no exception. Even if we are good at it, we become better, more honed in on the multitude of gifts we are privileged to hold, be it a loved ones smile, or a pay raise,  if we practice it daily. “  My contemporary -Cathy Sly-


So you see even in brooms that smell like cinnamon and look kind of like they belong to a witch are things to take note of, their twists and turns and texture.  All worth noticing.  I read this quote from my friend Cathy this week.  Such a really great quote and maybe not very relatable to this texture post per say, but I believe anything to do with practicing gratitude can even apply to gnarly brooms.


You know those brooms that smell like cinnamon?  In the fall I have a hard time passing them up. They cost almost 5.00 a broom but the scent, it beacons me!  Like spring when I bring bundles of daffodils in to watch open up, when it’s fall I bring that darn broom in the house.  I hang it on our black hutch that sits in the corner of our dining room.  It looks like a face and it smell like fall!

IMG_0272and below…do you see the face.  The eyes the low mouth the wild hair?  Yep it’s clearly a face.IMG_0274

Now you need to see Chrstina’s post on texture.  Her twine…is devine.  I’m a poet and I don’t even know it.  I’m also delirious.  It’s Friday and the week has been insane in the membrane.  Okay I’ll stop.

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