This week I’m participating in a week of gratitude with my friend Michelle.  I’m not just grateful this one week out of the year, nor am I grateful just one month of the year.  I have tried very hard to put this into my daily practice for a good handful of years now.  It helps to live each day more positively.  I’m pretty sure it’s a proven fact.  And no it’s not easy to be thankful every day, sometimes it’s hard when friends are fighting cancer, or we have lost a loved one or we are worried about how we are going to pay our mortgage.  Sometimes it’s hard, it’s really hard but I realized even in the midst of sadness, hardships and loss that finding a blessing or many in each day helps get me through.  Just simply helps put a different spin on the day.  For instance as I cleaned out my fridge this weekend, it had spoiled food I had to toss out, it had really grimy shelves to not just wipe out but take out and scrub hard.  I thought to myself.  We have food.  We have never been starved.  Others are not so fortunate.  It sometimes has me feeling guilty that we have such blessings. While others do not.  One time my dad wrote me a letter.  He said “if I could just give you one bit of advice, it would be to live simply, do not complicate your life with things.  The more things you have the more complicated life gets”  I see this to be so true.  I see people with little who have such a joy about them.  I see people with so much who seem sad.  Today as I got up earlier than normal because motorcycle man took today off and since he had the day off, I figure I should do the things he normally does.  Make my own coffee and take second born to zero period.  I felt like him today, up early, even warmed up my engine, like he always does, then I backed into our driveway, like he always does.  When I got into my car to take littlest and only girl to school, I set my hot coffee on the dash, it steamed up the window.  I will always draw a heart in dust, or steamy windows…most always.  So I did and as I did I looked across the street.  I smiled because I knew he was safe.  God brought my first-born home safe last night.  I’m thankful for that view, the little black car parked on the street.




3 thoughts on “gratitude

  1. I always think of you when I think of grateful, Tracie. I hear it and see it in you all the time. And it makes me happy. And grateful! It’s contagious. In a wonderful way. Love,

  2. perfect. and not that anyone should look for perfect, but sometimes things happen to be perfect…and this is.
    i love the way you’re thinking.

    {so glad to have you joining in gratitude week} xo

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