simple gratitude


Michelle is posting gratitude on her blog daily this week alongside a group of us and with that we get an email each day with her thoughts towards this project and gratitude.  It’s a nice way to go deeper with my gratitude in general as I practice it daily.  Our gratitude can come in many different depths, similar to how courage works.  We can be thankful for the most simple things like receiving a letter in the mail and having the ability to pick up my pen  and even have paper to write a nice letter back.  To practice the lost art of handwriting, real true cursive.  It’s a little sad when my hand begins to hurt as I write out my words.  The muscles are not used to being worked like that.  I don’t want to forget or lose the art of hand written letters.  My grandmother(s), and mother all have the most gorgeous hand writing, they take pride in their letters and words.  My children all three do not have the desire to write in cursive.  They went through the public school system where it wasn’t a big deal to teach them how to write their cursive letters.  Both of my boys can’t read hand writing.  I wonder sometimes if I have failed them? Today I’m thankful for real letters, for the mail carriers who deliver our mail sometimes from one country to another.  It’s a gift.

5 thoughts on “simple gratitude

  1. I hear you…I wish my cursive handwriting was prettier, but at least I can still do it. Wonderful post…and I love the photo…it’s always nicer to have a great pen (or other instrument) to write with.

    Thanks, Connie 🙂

  2. oh i am really feeling this,..big time. i’ve been thinking about cursive recently too! and i will join you in practice. 🙂 thanks for the reminder. i love that you give thanks for the mail couriers…that is awesome. we love our guy-Andy-he’s so fun. xo

  3. Hey, I bet we could find a challenge for that! {wink} I love your handwriting, you could totally make it into a font. I also love to learn how to write in different fonts. nerdy things rule!

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