little amazing things

Still happy to be walking side by side Michelle this week in expressing our gratitude via our blogs and with our friends and family. I’m grateful for the veterans who risked their lives and the ones who gave their lives for us as they fought so we might keep our freedom.  And because they did this, we get one day off in the year to acknowledge their service to appreciate them.  I’m thankful for my Father-n-Law who fought in Viet Nam.  Yesterday on our day off we took our day slow.  I spent time in the Word and was able to journal in my favorite chair, next to the fire and with my cup of coffee.  I had the quilt that was made for my first-born by a beautiful woman who is no longer with us but left a huge impact in the lives of those she knew.  I will never forget Lana .  This blanket is a reminder of her love.


I’m thankful that me and motorcycle man went for a drive in the little yellow bug to look at wood we are considering for one wall in our home.  Thankful that the bug is running again, thankful we have the resources and extra money to buy wood for a wall in our  home.  It was Rich who said, “look at our reflection, see if you can take a picture of it.” So I did!

IMG_0333And we stopped to get coffee at our favorite little coffee shop in the town I grew up in, the Night Owl where we were two old folks having coffee with our homemade ding-dong as we took in the sights around us, young college kids doing homework I’m guessing.

IMG_0334Today as I get ready to take off for work.  I think of my sister and sister-n-law who share the same birthday today.  I wish them a very good day with many  more to come.




5 thoughts on “little amazing things

  1. Oh yes, so many things to be grateful for! So glad you got a chill day, those are the best. And by the way I love the reflection shot of your bug, and the girl just starting to enter the frame, very,very cool!

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