I’m so grateful that I can come home from work and pick some herbs from my tiny little garden box for our soup tonight.  I’m grateful for friends who give me yummy soup recipes.  It’s a blessing to be able to cut up all the onions that burn my eyes, the beautiful orange sweet potato, the green kale.  I find it to be so meditative when I cut our vegetables and think about how lucky we are to have these things.  We can eat well tonight and I’m so thankful.


IMG_0359Michelle gd is also sharing her gratitude and I enjoyed last year so much spending a week with her and her emails that hit my in box and have me digging even deeper when it comes to our daily gratitude.  I also have a few other friends who are joining Michelle in her week of gratitude, my blog partner Christina, my friend in Canada, Connie and lucky me, I was introduced to someone new because of Michelle, tea and paper is also joining in.  The world is such a beautiful place because my friend Vanessa was the one who introduced me to Michelle last year and I think Vanessa is also participating and all these threads, they connect us….also something to be grateful for.


6 thoughts on “nourishment

  1. mmmmmmm! That looks sooo good! 🙂 Makes me want to have soup for dinner….

    …and thanks for including me in your post too! 🙂

  2. There is nothing I love more than walking out my back door and clipping a spring of rosemary to use! I may have to branch out and grow some other herbs – but first, I’m thinking of trying to grow garlic! Pinterest keeps making it look so easy!

  3. i love witnessing everyone’s gratitudes!
    and, like you, i find the chopping of vegetables meditative…love taking that time to be thankful for the fresh goodness we have.

  4. Your photos are lovely, I like all the colours. I’m grateful for the gratitude week too, it’s so good visiting new blogs, making new friends. Thanks for linking my blog, have a great night, and lets see what we will be grateful tomorrow.

  5. It really is a blessing to cook from your own garden, and so rewarding! You won’t think less of me if I told you I have never eaten kale or sweet potatoes, will you? You are quite the cook, I perused your recipe page, and I was quite intimidated. I am such a meat and potatoes girl, bad me.

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