Good Day Sunshine

What happens when you haven’t seen the sun in weeks? You find your own sun of course” Tracey Clark


“Good Day Sunshine” Such a happy little song!  And you know the Beatles lived where it’s was gray and gloomy so much of the time so they found sun light to be a BIG blessing!  And me, well I live in Southern California and we have lots and lots of sunshine.  This week has been odd though.  Very gray and sort of cool.  Our fall weather I suppose.  I have not been able to find my shadow and I get really giddy on gray days.  It can mean layers, hot drinks and soup simmering all day long, crackling fires and warm socks.  Since its sunny here so much I long for gray, rainy, gloomy days.  But I will be glad to play along when it comes to finding sunshine on a gray day. For my friend Christina it really is lacking in color in her neck of the woods.  She has had snow!  Which of course gets me all worked up!  SNOW! She plays in it too, she even stands barefoot atop benches in it! Oh snow!  I have a romantic notion of the snow.  Only one of my three children has ever seen it actually snow. Second born went to Science camp for a week back in 5th grade and got snowed in.  He didn’t mind he had to stay up there in the mountains one additional day, cause he got to see the snow fall from the sky.  He didn’t care he came home damp with every single item in his luggage wet and muddy, he got to play in the snow!  This is what I love about this fall project I’m doing with 22limes, she has a completely different environment than me.  I admire her snow days and she admires my sunshine days, where I can drive with my top down and even go to the beach if I want to. She had me realize the other day that I take all that for granted.  I never give it a second thought.  It’s all I have ever known. And you know, it’s really something to be thankful for, our California sunshine so this post is two in one.  My fall project and also today’s gratitude. SUNSHINE!  even when there isn’t much…like on this day…so I made my own just like Tracey said.


7 thoughts on “Good Day Sunshine

  1. you are such fun, such a beauty. i love gray days too…it allows for laziness and coziness…and i don’t feel guilt over not going outside. 🙂 but i also love your sunshine and how you made it here. i smiled immediately when i saw this. xo

  2. Oh you are so right! We can swap for awhile 😉 You can have gloomy-dreary-rainy England for awhile and I’ll have loads of sunshine in California 😉 x

  3. I love layers and warm cups of coffee – in limited doses of course! Like California, Texas isn’t known for getting cold, but this week, oh this week has been an experience! I had to pull out my fuzzy purple slippers to keep warm this morning! – and I just found my #onemonthofthankfulness for the day! Thanks for the inspiration Tracie! 🙂 xoxo

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