Unexpected Enchantment


When I read words like simple, and good old days, delight and wonder I knew it was time to pull Raggedy Ann from the top shelf of my closet.  You will see in the photographs below that she was well-loved by me.  I have had her since I was born.  My great-aunt Oletha had Raggedy Ann and Andy both hand-made for me by a friend of hers.  I only have Raggedy Ann left though because I was told by my mom that I left Andy up north on one of my summer visits to see my birth father.  I feel so grateful that my mom kept her for me, that she thought to give her back to me when I got married.  I could never part with her.  She is special to me although not on display anyplace in my house.  She just stays up on the top shelf of my closet.  I will never wash her either, the suck marks on her little mitten hands were made by me.  Instead of being attached to a blanket or my own thumb, I was attached to Raggedy Ann’s mitten hands which I sucked for comfort.  I felt she was more than worthy to be photographed and shared.  And of course I’m wondering what Christina will come up with, what did she feel was special to her and worthy to be shared and photographed? IMG_0424 IMG_0425 IMG_0427 IMG_0429

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Enchantment

  1. Ahhhhh…..what a great thing! I love her, and the story, she is a treasure for sure! I have a stuffed tigger that I got when I was like one. I still have it and it sits in my art room. It has lost a little stuffing, and has a lipstick stained face, but I still have it. Raggedy Ann’s time has come, I think you should display her out in the open!

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