I promise to count my BLESSINGS


This week although I will honestly say I have felt a bit in the dark I can’t deny the blessing that still have revealed themselves to me and to be honest that can have me feeling almost worse because I have so many things to be thankful for.  I’m loved for and cared for and there is health, there is nourishment, there is warmth and above and beyond that there will be a note that hits my in-box that will be filled with love and encouragement, sister to sister lifting one another up, or a random text of hello, and here are some uplifting words I found just for you.   

Then there is the very, very unexpected blessing of getting jobs.  Yes, you heard that right, getting jobs.

I have an opportunity to work at my mom and dad’s business and because of that I get to work only half of the day.  This way I can get my children off to school and be home to pick them up at different shifts.  As I do sort of feel constantly on the go with picking and taking up children not just my own I’m so happy to be the one to do it.  That I can be there when they go to school and when they come home.

Back to more jobs! My dad needed a notary for the business we do so many years ago I studied to be a notary.  Back then that’s what you did, you studied on your own, you went to the police department and got old-fashioned finger prints and you took a test given by the state.  I passed, then next term things changed and they began to offer classes that I could take and then take the test so I would have an even better chance on passing it but with the class came an extra cost, but I was lucky because our company paid for it (thank you Dad)  I have taken the exam 5 time now and I will be beginning my new term soon.  My current commission expires early December, I will go get sworn in this week for my new term.  I have never done much with my notary except help friends for free and do all the stuff that needs to be done that pertains to work.

Recently I was talking with a friend of mine who is an attorney and I mentioned I was a notary because I had just received a text from a family member asking a notary question.  I read it out loud in front of her because they were asking for legal advice which notaries are not allowed to give.  We basically are just there to verify you understand what you are signing and that you are who you say you are.  That’s it.  She was thrilled to hear I was a notary.  She had no idea!  Well, I don’t so much go around talking about it but so the word was out.  She asked if she could use me from time to time.  Although it felt nerve-racking because although it sounds easy, there is a lot to know and since I don’t do a whole lot of notarizing I was nervous but I thought I need to take this opportunity.  Two weeks ago I did my first job for her and made some cash, then yesterday I had another job only this time it included travel fees plus the cost per signature and today she has given me two more jobs.

So my littlest and only girl has a mouth full of cavities:(  They are costly to fill.  Guess what, these four jobs she has given me will almost cover 2 whole fillings which will happen tomorrow.  All I can say is, God is so good.  Yes, I would rather spend the money on fun things, like a new camera lens, or new shoes even but God knows where it’s really needed and He has provided greatly and I’m very thankful.  That’s my story today.

5 thoughts on “I promise to count my BLESSINGS

  1. God has always provided for me in the past, I have no reason not to have faith that He will always provide in the future. But the future can be a scary place and I tend to forget all He has done for me! What a great post about how He provided when you needed. It wasn’t what was expected, but that makes it even more awesome to me!

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