magic happens at the strangest hours


Last night.  I woke up at around 2:45 and I just laid in bed with my eyes WIDE open.  Just as awake as anyone could be.  I got up, walked around a little, used the restroom and laid back to bed with my eyes WIDE open.  Then as I just lay there, eyes totally adjusted to the dark, just staring wide eyed at the night-time happenings, I hear the fairy wand go off.  It was just after 3:00 a.m.  So I lay for a little longer then think, I should check that message.  It may be something I’m supposed to read.  I also had a feeling I knew exactly who it was.  I was right!  It was her.  My tree house club leader, just checking in with me, showing me some sketches.  Some really amazing sketches.  I got up for a while and sent her a few more messages.  Back and forth we went.  And you know what?  She took my mind out of scatter mode, she calmed me down.  I stopped scratching and picking at my legs and I found myself smiling at 3:15 a.m. in the morning just me and my treehouse  buddy and Max of course.  And we even schemed up some plans, like crazy plans in the middle of the night.  Well, it wasn’t middle of the night for my friend, it was more like late morning but anyhow.  This is what happened in the wee early hours on the West Coast in the West house.  I found it to be a gift from God, he was using my friend to calm me down to distract me from all the scratching and wide awake-ness.   I’m so thankful.  You have no idea.

P.S. this is a true story.

4 thoughts on “magic happens at the strangest hours

  1. We all need these unexpected distractions now and then. I’m sure some of us are just on the same wavelength you know. And know when someone we love needs… I don’t know… something. It’s true. I’m sure of it. xo 🙂

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