as it turns out, I didn’t find a feather and the heart didn’t show itself, the words….not found.  Yesterday was a busy day.  Isnt’ that the story of us moms? I wouldn’t trade it.  Nope.  Conferences took longer than I thought.  I managed to grab Moon Rebel half way walking home, then I had tea scheduled with a friend of mine.  There was no way I was going to cancel that.  So we sat and talked and got all caught up and before I knew it, it began to get a little dark and so I missed my chance to walk around town to look for feathers and hearts and words.  I had to get home to shop for tonight’s dinner.  I’m having my family over for old-fashioned chicken and dumplings.  So this is how it goes.  And my house.  Oh my house.  It’s such a mess from being gone so much this week between work, extra work and just mom things.  I will come home today, clean and clean and get those chicken and dumplings on the stove so we can then visit and enjoy family time.  The weekend is almost here and there will be rest.  I will have to post my fall project blog by Saturday since somehow I found no words. IMG_6695bw


4 thoughts on “sometimes

  1. ….it sounds like a good day to me…and that picture…is worth a thousand words. Enjoy your dinner with your family. *hugs*
    {Hearts for you 💜💜💜}

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