Even when things are not perfect…..we just keep going

I tend to write about things that are happening in my real life.  I suppose my blog is like therapy in a way.  Last night wasn’t our typical Monday.  We had some guests!  When I heard our cousin Matt was in town and wanted to visit, I was so happy.  I wanted to make him dinner and littlest and only girl wanted to make him cookies.  And Uncle Don came too and so we had a nice conversation and the lasagna…it was dry and the cookies were nice and buttery and Matt brought unique beers and a nice bottle of wine for me and ice-cream for the kids and it was a nice Monday night.  Only we couldn’t offer up our bathroom because right snap out of the blue the plumbing decided to back up and so they dishes they still sit.


And the super strong stuff Rich bought to put down the drain that has worked for past plumbing problems seems to NOT be doing the trick this time around.  When he gets home today from work he is going to crawl under the house and check a few things out.  I’m happy I married a real handy man.  If he can fix it we can save ourselves some money.  Nine times out of ten he can.


And along with any good visit you learn things about the people you love and you also are maybe introduced to new things.  Matt and I were talking about some good old music that I find to be timeless, well Led Zeppelin of course.  So he says, do you like folksy type music?  Well, of course!  So have you heard Robert Plant sing with Alison Krauss?  Actually…no.  So here is a taste of the goodness.  I like it lots. Learned something new and perhaps some of you readers out there know about this but me, I’m sort of sheltered it seems.

I hope the plumbing problem is resolved soon, I’m thankful I’m not hosting Thanksgiving cause of that, I can still make my dish and not worry about those dishes.  It sort of reminds me when I hosted Christmas and half our electrical was out so we ran a big orange extension cord through the kitchen to get us what we needed, power to the fridge mainly and we just kept on going.  And this is what we do.  We just keep going even when things are not perfect, we just keep going.

Please enjoy this song, if you have time.

7 thoughts on “Even when things are not perfect…..we just keep going

      1. Oh, that intimidating manual setting. Best, with getting that down. On a more positive note, I use the manual setting when photographing from a tripod. This gives me time to make adjustments. This is particularly true when shooting theater marquees at dusk. Otherwise, I use aperture prior setting unless I’m trying to capture something that is moving. Also, thank you so much for following my blog.

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