rain dance


One would think we never have seen the rain,  it’s a rare sighting these days in our parts however we have always been rain girls. When it rains.  We play outside.  Littlest and only girl thinks this is what happens, rain comes, we play in puddles.  So today that’s what we did with the help of cousin Laynie. It was just a slight mist when we began and just beginning to get dark, the rain decided to really come down when the sun went down. Naturally I let them play into the darkness because these are the sorts of things they will remember…at least that’s what I think.  The first batch of clothes came in completely muddy, they went through the garage so they could immediately put their clothes in the wash, then they got dressed again, only to continue the rain play.  This time they promised they wouldn’t play in the mud….just the rain.  The second batch came in soaking wet…SOAKING!  So I did two loads of laundry and they got in a toasty bath and came out to hot chicken and dumplings with warm bread and butter. It was a perfect kind of day.  California kids play in the rain, we taste the rain, we feel the rain and we are always thankful for it.


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