31 Days of December

IMG_0727My friend Michelle just posted the coolest blog post and idea and she is so wonderful, she doesn’t keep ideas all to herself, she shares them and I love that about her.  I read her blog post a few days ago and thought it was just the best. So even though we are three days in, we made these little envelopes last night and tucked a note card inside each one with little ideas and random acts of kindness to do throughout the month of December.  We made nearly all 31 days of ideas but Abbie only got to decorating 10 of the envelopes so far. She is doing such a gret job decorating these.  The cool thing is….our church is also doing something very similar for this month and they have created a calendar with ideas too.


Let me tell you something else too while we are on the subject of perfection or should we say not perfection.  Normally, had I heard of this idea three days in I would say, “oh forget it!  I’m too late” but this time in the spirit of imperfection I thought, “no way.  We are doing this.”  It only means we get to open a few on some days until we catch up.  That’s not all, normally I would have stayed up till the sun came up until all 31 days were complete and hanging on the string but  also in the spirit of not being perfect, I decided we will hang them up as they get decorated and that will be that!  Seriously people, this is a big deal for me.  I’m just accepting this as it happens and this little project has me already enjoying the month of December.  Heck, we are already caught up, we opened up three this morning!  Oh, and one more thing, these envelopes, they have a story too!  I didn’t buy anything for this project, we had all this stuff already here in my craft cupboard.  Those envelopes are 20 years old and left over from our wedding thank you notes!

12 thoughts on “31 Days of December

  1. tracie!!! so much about this makes me smile. i’m so glad you liked the idea and that you and abbie have jumped right in. looove that you used old wedding envelopes. i did go out to buy my red envelopes…but that’s only because i had a picture in my mind and i sometimes get stuck on the pictures 😉 but, like you {i don’t think i mentioned this in my post yesterday}, i started late too. we started just yesterday {dec. 2} because i didn’t have it ready. in a perfect world, i’d have had it strung and ready to go on the first…and if it wasn’t ready, i would have canned the idea…just as you said you have a tendency to do. but i embraced the imperfection…because this project is about embracing life, isn’t it?! and life is certainly imperfect.

    thanks for sharing the idea. i’ll like to think of you and abbie opening an envelope each day, just like us. happy december, my friend!

    1. I love that you tell me you have similar perfection qualities you are also working to break. I have a confession too, another one. I had a totally different idea in my head about how these little envelopes would look, for sure more Christmas traditional, maybe even more simple. But the little one was so excited to decorate them, like off the charts excited so I had to again let go of how I thought it should be and give her some creative license. Turns out her idea makes me smile, they are so colorful and happy those little envelopes. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

      1. it’s wonderful the way you let things go and let abbie embrace her creation of these envelopes. i know something like that is not always easy!!! good job, mama. awesome job. you are teaching her so many good things. xo

  2. I saw it on Michelle’s blog, I love the idea, but my kids are teens now, so I don’t think they will enjoy much. I’m totally in with the imperfection, I read one quote in the initial of this year saying: “If there is perfection there isn’t creativity” I always remember it, and it has helped a lot during this year, funny that now the year is ending and you are blogging about it, It’s like closing a circle.

    1. My boys are 19 and 16 so I thought similar, those boys are not going to be into this, I still have one kind of little one left but turns out I’m really loving this as a grown up. I like the quote you share with me, it’s so good and how cool your beginning and end of the year had a full circle ending.

  3. So happy for you & your kids to get to not stress over this & get total JOY outta it! Love that the envelopes were your wedding thank you envelops bet that had you reminising!! And i love Abbie’s letting she rocked that job!!! You go girls!!!

    1. Yesterday it was so nice. I called my grandma joy and she is joy, I tell you! I can hear her smile when we talk. She talked about how the rain makes the desert smell so good and I thought of YOU! In some ways it’s sad I had to pick an envelope that told me to call her. But also it was a reminder to me that I should call her much more often. She lifts me up like grandma’s can do, I’m blessed to still have two grandma’s to love on.

  4. This is a lovely idea! I have liked someone’s kindness elves page on Facebook and am loving all the good ideas coming in each day. Love that you used wedding thank-you envelopes. So much love and gratitude in that. I find this time of year difficult in Japan, so am loving when people post what they are doing for Christmas each day. I actually was reading about advent calendars and thinking that I could make mine a list of 24 days of decorating. I always try to do it in one fell swoop and oh, the pressure! But opening an envelope and finding our job for the day sounds so much nicer and feels like we would appreciate each step (and maybe even document it with photos!) that much more. Haven’t done it yet, and it is already the 6th in Japan, but hey. It’s only important to start. After that the momentum often takes over.
    Thank you for posting this! Happy December!! (And how did you get it to snow on your blog?!?)

  5. How awesome! I am just reading the two blog posts and it is now almost 10 days into December. But maybe I will start something for January for the new year like this. ❤

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