it happened….it finally happened


Yes!  It really did happen, I found not just one good old-fashioned typewriter but two! Saturday morning I got up to hit up a few darling stores in Bellflower with Mama Bear and Moon Mama when we happened to drive past an estate sale.  Not just one estate sale but two on the same street.  A darling street with darling old homes and so of course we stopped.  Counting these two estate sales, I have only been to three in my life and although it can be interesting, it’s also very sad.  Just so sad that all these strangers are rummaging through someones life.  All their earthly positions there for the taking.  It’s a strange feeling to me it really is.  It’s like I want to know more about the people who lived there.  The first house clearly lived an artist.  I didn’t find anything there though.  A few houses down was the other estate sale.  It was on its third day and everything was 50% off.  I walked in the very first room and immediately spotted a Royal typewriter, I pointed and said “I need that, how much for that typewriter?”  The gal said “$30.00  and today everything is half off, so $15.00” she gave me my little ticket and I wandered up stairs, totally stoked on the typewriter when I spotted yet anther one that even seemed older also for 30.00 but half off that.  I got two vintage typewriters for the price of one. The gal wondered if I might be making jewelry out of the keys.  I told her “no, I want to use these for actual typing”


I came home and looked them up.  The Royal seemed to go for around $270.00, and  I think is about a 1949 model, the LC Smith & Corona seems much older than that even and is very unique in that the roller is very small/short, like it was made to type out small labels or something and the number keys are in double, no dollar sign or percent sign or any of those characters, just double numbers??  I can’t find anything like it on the internet and I can’t even find a serial number or more information on the actual typewriter?  It has me really stumped.  The Royal had ribbon already and it works really pretty great, the Aa sticks but I’m going to try rubbing alcohol on the top or some may say bottom of the keys and see if it unsticks it.  Needless to say….I’m really, super excited about my typewriters.

FullSizeRender (1)IMG_0742  That’s not all, as I was paying, Moon Mama spotted a belt buckle that was engraved with RICH, hello!  I had to get it, just had to.  It was only $2.50 and it meant the guy who lived there was named Rich!  I wish Rich was there to talk to about those typewriters, I think he would have been glad someone was buying them to actually use and not tear apart for jewelry. When I got home I presented it to motorcycle man and he got a big old grin but since he doesn’t wear belt buckles, we decided I could just wear it.



13 thoughts on “it happened….it finally happened

  1. Oh my goodness. How are we on the same page so far away? I’ve been looking at old typewriters too! My mom says she has one. I’m totally stoked for you!! Those are amazing…just amazing!! What fun you will have! 🙂

    1. T! it’s cause we are kindred spirits! Please let me know when you find one. The sound of those keys and the old time feel is just the best. I already typed a letter, with a multitude of mistakes and also not knowing how to set my margin so it looks a mess but I don’t even care. I love it.

  2. Wow! you are so luck, I’m looking for them for ages and I can’t find one that it’s still working around here. I owned one when I was teen, I learned to typewriter and my parents bough one for me. I missed it a lot, but now I have more hope, one day I’ll find one, if 2 like you the better 🙂

    1. You will find one like me. When you least expect it and it will be the best surprise and the best feeling ever! I use one almost daily at work. Yes, we still use a typewriter for forms that are mailed in or misc. things here or there but mine at work is an IBM fully modern an electric with a nice correction tape. I remember taking typing in high school, it was the most useful class I took in my opinion. It’s like riding a bike when I needed it, it came right back. Although these older typewriters have me typing with one finger because the keys get stuck and it can’t keep up.

  3. Definitely a fun morning, and I just realized that I’ve been with you at each of those estate sales! I’m so glad you found just the treasures you were looking for❤️

  4. Wow! That first one reminds me of my grandparents typewriter in their library… and boy was that heavy! 🙂 Would love to be able to find one too. I bet little T won’t know what to do with it 😉

  5. They are beautiful treasures chickadee. I absolutely love them. I have always loved them too but not sure where I’d put them if I were to find one. There are some in the local antique shop that I love to visit, but he wants a fortune for them. I am keeping my eyes open though. I’d love one. Or maybe 2… or 3. Oh you know! 🙂 Keep visiting the sales. You will give someones treasures a good home. And I feel the same way about these kinds of sales. I always feel sad and wonder about their lives. It’s strange isn’t it. xo

    Hey, I found these links.

  6. Very cool! And your photos are magical! Reminds me of visiting a friend in Vancouver and there was a garage sale across the street, so we wandered over. They had two old typewriters there and the little ones wanted them and so we hauled them home (60’s or 70’s models, so not nearly as old) and the kids spent the rest of the day banging away on the keys. It really is a lovely sound!

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