Let me let you in on a secret. Yesterday when it was around 6:30 P.M. and we were at Target picking up the basics, milk, butter, cat food, dog food and lights for our tree, I realized as my stomach felt hungry that I had forgotten to eat lunch. Not only did I forget lunch…..check out what I did eat. Breakfast, black coffee and one glazed doughnut. Lunch a Slim Jim and a few Charleston Chews. And that’s it. That is exactly what I ate all day long. Does that sound nutritious and all kinds of good for my body and my brain? Duh. NO! And I will do this sort of thing on a regular basis when I have “fallen off the wagon so to speak” When I’m on the wagon, I’m insane. I will walk every single day and drink tons of water and eat every few hours but that my friends takes a lot of effort, a lot of thought and I will burn out every single time and especially when I do it 8 weeks in a row. They say 21 days forms a habit but obviously a solid eight weeks doesn’t even seem to work for me.

Trying to find balance is a true challenge for me. And as I type this I realize my word this year should be BALANCE. That’s it. Just made up my mind in mid sentence. My word will be balance.  Because as I type this I realize like most of us gals we take it all on, not just the favors asked and the every day kinds of things but then we pile on top of that “perfection”  Let’s see if I can juice every single day, buy the best whole foods for my home, cook really healthy dinners each  night, keep a clean and tidy house, the laundry, the kids, the animals and hum, lets see if I can work out an hour a day, and pray/meditate and maybe I can even read a book that will help me be a better person, and perhaps I can take a few on-line courses, and write letters to my friends and family, and pay my bills on time and remodel my dinning room, and make really cool things that I see on Pinterest and plant that new garden from seed alone. I would love to learn to stand on my head and be the most romantic and loving wife on the planet.  Balance is a great word.  It wins hands down and I wasn’t even looking for a word on this particular post.  crazy!  crazy cool!   I found my word for 2015!  BALANCE it is.  Will you be picking a word for this year? A word to keep you on track, a word to reign you in, a word to grow you a little, a word to make you more aware…just a word.  I would love to hear what you might choose.

8 thoughts on “balance

  1. Before I left to go to the post office I had a chocolate peppermint candy.. I started getting a headache while I was out and just a general icky feeling.I didn’t have a healthy breakfast either. For some reason I tend to run on empty this time of year, so I will be off to a balanced 2015 too. I think I’d better go drink some water… Thank you for a great post and reminder to take care of ourselves…

  2. I love that choice!!! I’m still kicking my 2015 word around. Thinking Fearless or Brave – something to get me out into the real world and do the things that I always hold myself back from doing, like today on my walk I had an urge to stop and speak to an elderly man at a bus stop and take his photograph. We exchanged a smile and that was it. SO many times I’ve done this and think that I am missing so many opportunities…for what? I don’t know, but I wish for the courage to find out. Good luck with the balance thing. I struggle with that too – I’m too “all or nothing”. Grrr.

  3. Love it!! Mine is BELONGING…or maybe connection. 2014 was EXPAND and I didn’t think I was doing very good at it until I started making a list. Love this time of year for getting centred and focused and for starting over!

  4. Yes, I’ll be picking a word, I need to focus on many things, one of them is losing weight. This year my word is Magic, I’m working on it, letting my intuitive side speak louder than my thinking side.

  5. I think that you have picked a great word and focus for you – Balance is so very important, and as mothers, we tend to give more of ourselves and lose our way and our balance, but if you are falling over then you can’t help lift anyone else up, so taking care of yourself and Balance is a great place for you to be!
    I haven’t picked my growth for the new year – but my post coming out on Friday talks about how I did this year with my growth, and I’m kinda proud of it! 🙂

  6. Love the photo… One word? Can it be a phrase? You know the famous Nike words – do it? That would be mine. I have so many stories that needs to be edited/written. I want to get them all done next year. I just have to sit down and DO IT! Sigh. If only it were that easy. ps. I’m really bad at balancing too.

  7. Awww, honey. I wish I could pack you a lunch when I pack Ruby’s!

    Balance is so good. Trying to find that line between enough and overdoing it (or not doing it at all!) is so hard. I found myself nodding right along with you when I was reading your list of all the things we feel we need to or want to do.

    After our time in Oregon, I’m thinking Listen is my word. So much good comes out of our little group and I think it has to do with really listening and hearing (and seeing!) each other. I want more of that in my life.

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