trips to the moon


I love to make tiny videos.  I have been doing it here or there for a while now but I have never really taken a real class.  So this year I decided to take a YEAR long film making class from the really, super, super amazingly talented  Xanthe Berkeley.  And her video time capsules are dreamy and inspiring and I have also followed her for some time admiring her photography and film making skills.  I’m excited to learn from her to say the least and so I made my first mini time capsule with my moon gang.  Last Friday we did what we do and I tried to capture a little on film.  However I was nervous cause I wanted to make sure and be present but how can I be present behind the lens and stuff so I was fast with my panning and my camera was shaky and my clips were short sometimes and my battery ran out and when I used my cell phone I held it the wrong orientation so I didn’t use it in my video because it looked yucky.  All I can imagine is I will learn more and more and it will just have to get better with practice.  I can’t wait to make these in 2015 featuring motorcycle man, littlest and only girl, moon rebel and awesome.  Picking the songs is the hardest part if you ask me.  So if you are at all interested in my video check it out below.

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trips to the moon 12-19-14 from Tracie West on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “trips to the moon

  1. That turned out so cute, I love it! I especially love some of the detail- the curtains blowing, the shirts in the vintage shop and the antique store. This project gets an A+ in my book😘

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous!!!! I wanna know more! Like how you sped it up and how you edited it. Love the song, who is it?? I loved everything, but especially the palm trees, the beach in bare feet and the shots looking up at the Christmas ornaments and in the vintage store made me want to cry…

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