Day One – Balance


At the stroke of midnight…the new year started right with a kiss from motorcycle man.

We went to bed shortly after we entered our new year and slept in really, really late.  I couldn’t believe I woke up at 11:00 a.m. but with no big plans or anyplace to be.  It was more than okay.  Sometimes one just needs rest.


I got in the shower and couldn’t help but notice our Southern California light beaming through the showers window.  I had to grab my camera after the steamy shower.  The light was calling to me so I got dressed and motorcycle man and I went for a drive.  Not much was open but it didn’t stop us from taking a walk around the lake were I found a few feathers.


We came home, I did a little bunny yoga and made my black-eyed peas and greens.  It’s not so much for the luck and money but more out of tradition.  They just taste good and I only really eat them once a year.  My mom introduced me to black-eyed peas when I was a kid and I liked them immediately.  They are just so cute for one thing.


That’s about all for my first day in the new year.  I didn’t eat perfect, I didn’t do much of anything perfect but I got out and I’m focusing on the good I did rather than beating myself up over the not so good I did.

5 thoughts on “Day One – Balance

  1. Here’s to NOT beating yourself up this year!!! keep that focus & grasp for your balance! Thanks again for sharing, i wish could be brave like you!!

  2. Just about to head to bed here. It made me smile so happy to see these shots and read these words. Yes, here’s to being sweet to ourselves. No sticks, no beating up. I got on the word bandwagon finally and grabbed “nourish” for 2015. It just seems like a good word to me. A kind word. Big hug and sweet dreams.

  3. Cheers to the new year! …and Cheers to taking care of yourself…(no beating up). Love the shot of you & motorcycle man! Happy 2015!

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