day 3

Day three of 2015, is far from perfect.  I’m tired.  My legs are burning because of the mis-treatment I give to them and I had a fairly large breakfast out this morning.  But let’s not freak out too much  about all that or the fact that Pablo and Simon seem to think the rug I put back under the dining table is a big pee “grass” for their peeing pleasures and let us not get too excited about the clutter that surrounds me that I’m almost exclusively responsible for.

Instead let us focus on the very lovely dinner I attended last night. (pictures below)  I few years ago I went on a glamping trip with my Aunt and cousin and I was introduced to some new friends.  My Aunt is so sweet to share her friends with me and so I gained a few new really wonderful friends.  Rhonda is one of them.  She tells the BEST stories, like on the edge of your seat sort of stories and she has the most quaint cottage you have seen, it reminds me of a darling bed and breakfast.  The sort of place that you would say “oh that’s so darling, I would love one of those” or “oh goodness, this is just like living in a fairy tale dream”  Rhonda has many gifts and being a caterer is just one of them.  Which means she cooks up all these amazing beautiful dishes.  And she shares them with her friends, but not just shares, she serves them and makes them feel extra special.   She is gracious and she shares her gifts abundantly.  She is giving like the giving tree, she just keeps giving when you think there is no more possible give to give, she gives more.  A great example of Christs LOVE.


do you see those dark things in the middle?  They are baby walnuts and you eat them whole shell and all.  Very soft, very yummy and paired perfectly with the goat cheese.  More info here on the walnuts


9 thoughts on “day 3

  1. The plate in the first photo caught my eye. My grandmother had a set of those dishes. I believe the pattern is called “Wild Rose”. I love that plate it brings so many memories to mind.

    Looks like a beautiful dinner. You are lucky to have such great friends. Actually you are very deserving to have them. You are a great friend to have.


  2. What a wonderful dinner. I always find that dinner tastes better with great friends. Your photos capture the special occasion perfectly. 😄

  3. At Christmas, Fishboy eats a jar of picked walnuts. They look like that. Big and the shell on and everything. I have not tried one but he likes them. It is snowing today and I am going to type you a note and mail it. I hear YOU in your blog and that always makes my heart happy. I wrapped the little bird in two layers of tissue and he has gone to sleep until next December. oxoxoxoxox

  4. The table settings are beautiful. I love the rattan and glass covered thing. I’m intrigued by the walnuts. Good job focusing on the positive.

  5. I’ve never heard of baby walnuts, but I love goat cheese! I just bought some for my tofu and goat cheese tacos – for tonight’s meal as a matter of fact! But how lovely, I wish I had friends that I could invite over and would sit down and enjoy a luncheon/dinner like that – I want to put out fancy dishes and have an afternoon tea selection of sandwiches and baby walnuts and goat cheese! What an amazing life you have, I think that the clutter, the pee spots and sore legs are all worth it!

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