IMG_1759Looks like it has some buds of hope.  I don’t want to give up on these, I want to look forward to spring to see what it will bring.

I’m working on a video now for Sunday dinner.  I think if I upload it on private and give a password I can keep the song I picked.  Vimeo is real picky with the songs they allow us home video makers to use.  I learned from another student in the class where to get some free fonts to make our videos a little more fun.  My hands are still shaky but I should be able to improve with practice.  I’ll share it here tomorrow if you want to come back and take a peek.

2 thoughts on “hope

  1. Hi Tracie, spring is very far away from here for sure, at least more 3 months of cold and snow, but hope is always present, it’s what keep us going. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Elizabeth. I love knowing others who have different seasons from me. I watch from afar as pictures of fall and winter are shared. Basically around here…we pretty much just have spring and summer no real hard set changing of the seasons, in fact in some areas around here it looks more like fall, leaves still changing and falling.

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