“I set my toothbrush down, then leaned into the mirror and stared into my own eyes. I could feel myself disintegrating inside myself like a past-bloom flower in the wind. Every time I moved a muscle, another petal of me blew away. Please, I thought. Please.”  Cheryl Strayed

I saw “Wild” this weekend.  I knew NOTHING about it.  I didn’t see a preview, I didn’t know Reese Witherspoon was up for anything at all at the Golden Globes which I also did not watch, I just saw news hi-lites on my yahoo email.  I had no idea there was a book.  I knew absolutely NOTHING about it.  So Rich had been talking to a friend at work who has wanted to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  So….I did know about that.  I knew about the trail.  And it sounded sort of “fun”.  So we had talked about that.

Saturday night, he surprised me and we drove to the theater.  I swore he was taking me to see “Unbroken”  I told him, I didn’t bring my Kleenex so we couldn’t see that one, but he had no plans for us to see that one.  When we got to the ticket window He says “2 for “Wild”  I was so confused. We walked through the theater, and I was looking all over the place just trying to see a poster or something with a clue of what we were about to see.  NOTHING.

The first scene (I had to close my eyes)  Then I lean over and say to Rich “I wonder if she is going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail?” He says “that would be weird”  When he absolutely KNEW what we were in for.  And guess what?  I needed tissue for this one which I did not have.  It left a big impact.  I even tried to tell a friend at work about it and ended in tears.  It was huge.  A big deal.  I loved it.   After the movie was over, and we walked into the beautiful rain, Rich says “I thought you might like this movie because it’s like a womans super hero, you can do anything and she proves this”  Then I say “that trail doesn’t look so fun anymore”  Sidenote, probably a 1/4 into the movie I leaned over to say “I don’t think I want to do the Pacific Crest Trail anymore”  I think the parts that got me were about her Mama, their relationship.  There are some daughters who grow up hating their moms and I think that can be so sad.  I can only hope my girl ends up loving me as much a Cheryl loved her mama, “the love of her life” and the fox, the fox she saw throughout the trail, that got me too. All of this to say.  I totally recommend this movie.  And I’m probably telling so many of you readers all the stuff you know because if you have not noticed, I live relatively under a rock.

8 thoughts on “wild

  1. My husband is reading the book right now. I will when he is finished.. My oldest son hiked the trail and it was a life changing event for him… I hope to see the movie one of these days… (:

      1. Because of my son’s hike my husband and I have followed hikers and their blogs. It was neat to keep up somewhat with them as their started at the Ca/Mex border. My son was young and and pretty well prepared. He made changes along the way.. They all learn on the trail. Mark was within 150 of his destination in Canada and a blizzard came his way and he lost his some of his gear. After a cold night he decided to end his hike. He is forty-two now and father to three little girls.. They live in WA..

  2. Tracie, Krystal and I were talking about this movie at the salon today. I ask her if she had seen any new movies and she said that she saw that one this weekend. She said it had a lot of twists in it? Now I need to go see it!

    Linda Thompson

  3. There’s a patch of the PR Trail you can hike to up in big bear i’ve done it 3x also i’ve always wanted to hike PR train in big bear to white water off the 10 freeway would love to do that with you guys. Glad you got to exsperience all this & the RAIN!!

  4. I must also live under a rock because I know nothing about Wild! But now you have me wanting to see it. I always envy your location because you have good hiking out west, and I love hiking.

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